Monday, December 2, 2013

Honduras and Elections

Dear Family,

This week has been way weird with the elections. I found out that I wasn´t supposed to tell you guys about the elections so that you wouldn´t worry. Woops. 

But in other news, I GOT THE PACKAGE FROM CAMILLE!!! It was so so so so sooooooooooooo perfect! We baked the cake and shared part of it with our district and then made cake balls from the rest of it and dipped them in chocolate. My companion is in love! She experienced part of the states and is dying for more. Every part of it was wonderful and I have already needed to use the little packet of emergency stuff that is just so darling. Thank you sooooooo much!!! 

Last Tuesday we had intercambios. It was fun. I went to Talanga. Campamento is way prettier. We are now no longer allowed to contact people in their houses. Only the sisters can´t. That means we get the opportunity to find a lot more in the street. It will be fun. 

The Elders had a wedding this week and then their first baptism in the area! I was so happy for them. This guy has wanted to be baptized for 6 months but he had to get married first and was scared to ask his wife to marry him. I don´t understand Honduras. 

We have an investigator named Gissela who is way promising. She accepted a baptismal date. Her husband is a member and we are hoping to reactivate him and help him get worthy to baptize her. Ahh! It will be so great. But transfers are in 2 weeks so I probably won´t get to see her get baptized because she has to marry her husband. 

I got to give a talk on sunday. I spoke about the Doctrine of Christ. Luckily no one was there because they were all working for the elections. (actually that part really stunk) But, it was over pretty quick and I shouldn't have to speak again in this branch. 

I have to speak for 5 min. in our zone conference tomorrow. Pdte called me and asked if I could talk about diligence. We have to go to Tegucigalpa and there will be 2 zones. I am more nervous for that then for this last Sunday. 

We spent 3 days inside during the elections. We cleaned, studied, wrote letters, made real food and watched church movies. It was fun, but we are really ready to work. 

In honor of Thanksgiving, I am now way more thankful for= 
Technology= washing machines, running water, light, dishwasher, oven, air conditioning, etc

email, fb, skype netflix

Communication with family


But since being on the mission I am immensely more grateful for=

My family and parents that were married in the temple and honor their covenants. 

Church programs
Church leaders

Happy Thanksgiving! EAT A LOT FOR ME. AT LEAST 3 PLATES!!!!!!!!!!! 

love you all! 

Here are the pictures from our birthday party celebrations

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