Thursday, December 26, 2013

Life In The City

I am not sure what happened this week with the time for the internet, but it ran out. Well... really soon.
I finally got all of the dearelders that mom sent! Thank you so much! it was so great. I loved the news about the mission, the letters from Grandpa and the email from Kaitlyn. Because I got transferred they messed up all of my mail, so it took awhile to get here. Thank you so much for your dedication.
We had a mission Christmas activity this week. It was super fun. They split the missionn in 2. We had presentations from every zone, then a gift exchange (they put everyone's badge in a box and then if they got your name they gave you a gift)
I got a Christmas mug. With candy. They served mashed potatoes, turkey and salad. it was way good. Then we got to watch an animated movie. The Croods. It was a lot better than I expected. And it was in English with subtitles, so I was even happier.
We also had a ward Christmas activity. I was way happy that I didn't have to do basically anything for it. We set up chairs. My forte. And we actually had investigators who came! There were 2 guys that we haven't even  taught, but they came. We had contacted them. Another family came. It is a part member family. She is going to be baptized, she just doesn't know it yet.
The RS is split in our ward and somehow we were assigned to the side that has no one from our area. It is the area of the elders. I have no idea why it is like that, but I talked with the mission president's wife and now we are going to go to the other one. The other sisters who attend that relief society might not be too happy, but I am not scared.:-)
There is a woman named Albaneli and her husband called us asking us for money. She was really positive before that, but then she has gone into hiding. I have had to tell yet another person that missionaries are here to help them spiritually and not financially. I am getting good at this talk .
Oh shoot, times up. Good thing I will talk to you tomorrow. Love you bunches. MANANA!!! 

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