Monday, February 24, 2014


Dear Family,

So I am lacking the motivation to write a lot. I apologize. It has been a really long week and I am tired. Not a bad week, but long. And we woke up early to make banana pancakes for Hna. I. because it is her birthday. I love her. 

First, the baptism was a flying success. Of course we were super nervous and everyone came late, but the spirit was so strong. SOOO STRONG!!! Roger gave his testimony in the end and it was so powerful. You could feel that he was truly converted. He bore a powerful testimony to his parents and family that he knew this is the true church and he is excited to have a fresh start. I think it helped his parents a lot. His sister now has officially decided that she wants to be baptized. PRONTO. What a blessing. The single adults are helping her out a ton. I love working with members. It just works so much better. So much better! 

Twenty family members came to his baptism. I think the ward gained respect for us for that one. They were kind of doubting us because we haven´t had any baptisms, but we´re working on it. His family is great. His gma is a member and she had tears in her eyes when she thanked us. This is what it is all about. Families coming together in the gospel. I love this work. I love that families can be forever!
We had zone conference this week. Our zone got slammed for our bad numbers. But we are progressing... But it was super good. Pdte. Fortuna is a boss. He is so powerful. We are all kinds of motivated.
There is a family that actually knows how to cook gourmet here. They love us. They made us pizza this week. And it had veggies. That never happens.
Everyone gives us references.  It is kind of weird, but I like it. We have a ton. Now we just need to harvest...
I had lunch yesterday with Elder and Sister Starkey. He was one of Gpa´s missionaries here in Honduras for about 2 months. in the end of Gpa´s mission. We also ate with the family Duarte and we  all had a ¨I love Grandpa Smith¨ moment. It was precious. God loves me.
Well, that is all! I love you! Have a great Week. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

You Only Serve Once!!

Well family, it has been a pretty good week.
Last monday we had the best experience ever. Here, let me tell you about it. First we practiced allllll day long on our p-day to challenge a family to be baptized. WE were SOOOOO prepared. But, as always, God knows best. Only 2 of the kids showed up to the lesson. We were a little distressed in the beginning. But then we started chatting with them and the STRONGEST feeling came over us that we need to baptize Roger the 17 year old first and then the rest of the family will follow. It has happened so many times in this ward. It was so strong! Therefore, we have a baptism this Saturday!   I am so happy! God answers prayers! It will be the first baptism in this area for 5 months! They were getting ready to close it. But I think they won´t now. The assistants have told us about the change they have seen in our area. The spirit was so powerful when we challenged him to be baptized. I started crying when I was doing it. He did to. And everyone else that was there. It was soooo powerful. And he has invited so many people to the baptism.
For Valentine's day we tried to make as many people happy as we could! It was wonderful! I love serving! WE made  tons of valentines and put them on people's doors. We almost had intercambios, but I was soooo glad that we didn´t so that I could spend it with my sweet companion.
We found a chicken in a house. They always have it outside, but this time they let it in and we all took a picture with it. I played outside with the dog and the chicken briefly. Basically I just ran back and forth and they both chased me. The family got quite the kick out of it. They could just see me run past a window and the chicken and dog would also run past. They thought it was pretty hilarious.
We did service for a less active famliy. We had to convince them to let us come. It was super fun. We washed their dog. It is more like a rat. But it was great. And then we convinced them to let us do other projects. I love this famiy. Too bad they don´t go to Church. 
We found a new family! Too bad they are CRAZY!!! The wife is the most eccentric person I have ever met. She tried giving us coffee and tea. And she gave us a tour of her house and spent the whole time professing love for her husband. They have been together for 38 years, so I guess that is kind of cute. Mostly uncomfortable...
We are teaching a kid named Jose Castillo. He is the black kid who showed up with the shirt that says Sea Feliz. Sea Mormon.  It was hilarious. He is quiting smoking and all kinds of other things, but he wants to be baptized March 19. He goes to seminary every day. The ward is adopting him. I love it. He really needs some parents.
So there is the phrase YOLO in english. You only live once. People use it as an excuse to do whatever they want. We changed it to YOSO. You only serve once. Therefore we might as well talk to every single person and just go crazy with missionary work because this is the only time we will serve like this. We have taught it to a few other missionaries.
Well, I love you all and I have no more time. Mom and dad, forgive me if my messages to you are short. 


Here is a four generation family at the temple!! They wanted us to be in the picture with them. 
Our theme--You Only Serve Once!! 

Here is a picture of the chicken that was someone's pet.
 This is one of our investigators. One of the member's gave him this shirt. Hilarious!
 In a traditional skirt from Guatemala! (borrowed from one of the other sister missionaries)
Doing service. Here we are washing a rat, I mean a dog. 
All clean and fluffy!
 Watering plants (you have to be creative in your service sometimes)
 And putting up the alphabet . . .

We also surprised the sister we live with, with some hearts. 
We also surprised some investigators. 

Then we went home and changed our clothes. So of course he we had to take more pictures.
 Makes, sense, right?

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Am Staying!!

I  AM STAYING HERE IN ROBLE OESTE!! WITH HNA. CLARK! My trainer, the other Hna. Clarke came to the house and is with Hna. Ixcoy.  I think she will end her mission here because she has 2 transfers left. And I will be in the house for at least 2 transfers, creo yo. It should be good.
I read the beginning of your email mom. I really liked that exercise you gave me. I'll let you know how it goes. Sorry I didn't write about too many spiritual experiences last week. We don't teach very often. It kills me. But we're still living off of a spiritual high, so I guess I can share that better.
THIS WEEK WAS  WONDERFUL. Granted, we didn't have a lot of lessons because people like to work and go to school instead of listen to the missionaries, yet it was wonderful. And we had 10 investigators at Church. That isn't even a typo. 10. We are on cloud 9. It has been so interesting to see how working with the members excelerates the work. But seriously. They are starting to trust us so much. I think part of it is due to our power walk. They always tell us they see us flying when we are walking. I guess that is what happens when you put 2 tall girls together! The Zone Leaders called us last night to thank us for the example we are to the zone. That was definitely a first.
Although we had to do a lot of persuasion to get people to get there. We are working with a family called the Fam. M. I have mentioned them a few times. They are the family of 6 with 5 over the age of 8. I  love them so much. The dad has had a hard time getting to Church and our zone leaders are pressuring us like crazy to just baptize the kids, but we want to try the whole family first. Anyway, to make a super long story short, we ended up making breakfast for this family before Church. I woke up early and made pancakes and we brought PB and bananas and syrup so they could eat it American style. Halla! Anyway, we were finishing up breakfast when the dad disappeared. We were slightly concerned, but the 9 year old told us that he already headed up to the Church. We got there like 10 minutes later and he was sitting in the FIRST ROW just chatting away with the senior missionaries. I LOVE THIS WORK!  It is seriously so rewarding. And the night before he told us that he was only going to go for the first hour...but we convinced him to stay. I am so grateful for the members and fellowship.
Note to members; TALK TO EVERYONE. PLEASE.
This week members gave us crab soup. And I went outside to tell them thank you and the next thing I knew I was breaking open clams. It was crazy. And bloody. Here they eat clams in their own blood. But don't worry, they kill it with a lot of lime. But therre is no cooking involved. Yum.
We had an open house this last saturday. We could have put it together a little better. But we should have a few new investigators this week because of it. The members here are great! I have come to love this area so much!
We had kind of a depressing lesson last night. There is this guy who is dating a member and they want to get married, but she is putting a lot of pressure on him to get baptized. So he is listening to us, but he is just doing it for her. Last night he looked at us and said, so when can I get baptized? We were a little shocked. then we asked why and he said for personal reasons.... his girlfriend. Anyway, it was kind of depressing, but we are DETERMINED to have him truly converted before he makes that step. I will not be judged for that one. It is going to take some time, but something that I have loved from PMG is to really confide in the power of conversion. The Spirit is powerful and we have the TRUTH. If people fulfil their commitments, they are going to be converted. Poor guy. He wants to be baptized and we basically said no. But I feel better that way.
We made no bake cookies and gave them to some members and investigators. We are focusing on showing our love for them. In ways other than teaching them. Basically means we cook for them. But we are getting a ton of references from the members and the investigators are fulfilling their compromisos. I LOVE THIS WORK!
There are so many people who need this gospel! It is great. We have 2 investigators that are going to SEMINARY! IN THE MORNING!! The youth here are so powerful!
Challenge; not dancing. That is the hardest part of the mission. I just get so excited and want to dance... but we can't
Well, I love you all. Time ran out. Again. I hate how it goes by so fast. But Honduras is the best and I am so happy!