Monday, February 24, 2014


Dear Family,

So I am lacking the motivation to write a lot. I apologize. It has been a really long week and I am tired. Not a bad week, but long. And we woke up early to make banana pancakes for Hna. I. because it is her birthday. I love her. 

First, the baptism was a flying success. Of course we were super nervous and everyone came late, but the spirit was so strong. SOOO STRONG!!! Roger gave his testimony in the end and it was so powerful. You could feel that he was truly converted. He bore a powerful testimony to his parents and family that he knew this is the true church and he is excited to have a fresh start. I think it helped his parents a lot. His sister now has officially decided that she wants to be baptized. PRONTO. What a blessing. The single adults are helping her out a ton. I love working with members. It just works so much better. So much better! 

Twenty family members came to his baptism. I think the ward gained respect for us for that one. They were kind of doubting us because we haven´t had any baptisms, but we´re working on it. His family is great. His gma is a member and she had tears in her eyes when she thanked us. This is what it is all about. Families coming together in the gospel. I love this work. I love that families can be forever!
We had zone conference this week. Our zone got slammed for our bad numbers. But we are progressing... But it was super good. Pdte. Fortuna is a boss. He is so powerful. We are all kinds of motivated.
There is a family that actually knows how to cook gourmet here. They love us. They made us pizza this week. And it had veggies. That never happens.
Everyone gives us references.  It is kind of weird, but I like it. We have a ton. Now we just need to harvest...
I had lunch yesterday with Elder and Sister Starkey. He was one of Gpa´s missionaries here in Honduras for about 2 months. in the end of Gpa´s mission. We also ate with the family Duarte and we  all had a ¨I love Grandpa Smith¨ moment. It was precious. God loves me.
Well, that is all! I love you! Have a great Week. 

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