Monday, March 24, 2014

Will I stay or will I go????? Changes this coming week.

Dear Family,

This week has been... slow. Pero, no se preocupen.
We should find out about cambios today. Or tomorrow. My companion has said goodbye to everyone so it would be funny if she stayed. I think I am staying. I am not ready to leave yet. It is a super hard area. But Presidente always says there aren´t bad areas, there are just missionaries with little faith. Therefore, I refuse to get down on the area. I just need to work on my faith. 
Funny story first= so we are teaching the super nice atheist family. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they read a little bit of it. They are pretty firm in their beliefs, but I am going to have faith in the promise of the introduction of the Book of Mormon. Anyone who reads it will come to know that Jesus is the Christ. That is good enough for me. I am even willing to just plant the seed in their unbelieving hearts.

Anyway, we went to their house Saturday and they asked us if we were allowed to have friends while we are here in Honduras in the mission. We explained that we naturally develop friends as we teach them.   They wanted to know because they were planning an outing to the beach and they thought they would invite us so that we could see more of Honduras. I thought it was sweet, just a little distorted. They are still our nicest investigators... just the most unbelieving.
Saturday, God was really merciful. He put people in our path to give us little pep talks. There was a return missionary who was an assistant for 9 months of his mission that talked to us while we were filling up the font for the baptism of the elderes. It was the best pep talk ever. It was everything we needed.
We also had the stake conference adult session. It was super good. The elders brought us 2 boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon. One for us and one for a rock star senior couple who give out a ton. They are the Starkeys. They are so great. We carried the box to her apartment and she shared waffles with us. It was such a blessing because we didn´t have a dinner appointment and it was such a relief to talk in English to  someone who understands us. She shared with us a spiritual thought and it was like a fountain of revelation was coming. It was a nice boost.
She shared a scripture in Jarom 1:11 That is wonderful. It talks about how you should live as if Christ already came. I loved it. We should act the way we would act if He were already here.
Later that night 2 girls contacted US in the street and told us they wanted to be baptized and they want us to come visit their family. Thank you, miracle! 

So although we are facing some challenges, it has been a pretty good week. This week is changes and we have a baptism on Wednesday so we are super excited for that. 
Love you all so much!

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