Monday, March 24, 2014

Same Location, New Companion

Hey family.
I am still here living the high life in R. O. Whoop whoop. I am here with Hna. Hernandez. She has been here for 14 months and knows it. I feel like our pride is going to have quite the duel, but we are getting along quite well. She knows how to cook and likes to do it, so it has been nice.  She also has a ton of health problems. My first Hna. Clarke is still here with the Hna. Garrido. Hna. Hernandez trained Hna. Garrido and Hermana Clarke trained me so there is a lot of love going on in this house.
The new sisters always stay the night at our house. They went out and worked with us the first night. It was super fun. They didn´t know much Spanish, so I talked a lot. But they were enthusiastic. It reminded me of the beginning.
My ¨grand daughter¨ in the mission is training! That means I am already a GREAT GRANDMA!!! What the heck?! The mission is aging me. The only bad part is she is waiting for her visa for Mexico so my great great grand daughter will live way too far away and my posterity will be in 2 countries. I am praying she doesn't get her visa. :-)
Hna. Ixcoy is with my sweet daughter, Hna. Montano. I am so happy for them. They are opening an area. I am glad that they can both talk about how much they love me. I doubt that is what they do, but in my mind, they do it a lot. Lucky little things. They are two of my favorite sisters in the mission.
Age wise, I am the youngest in my house. I am 20. Hna. Clarke 23. Hna. Hernandez 24. Hna. Garrido 29. Waa waaaa.... But I have the most time in the area, so they have to respect me. I´ll enjoy that while I can. Its quite the party...
Tuesday night we had 3 dinners to say goodbye to Hna. Clark. (another one who served as her companion for three months) It was rough.
To greet my new companion, we had a baptism. Jose was baptized March 19, Wednesday, on his birthday. It was cool! A lot of people from seminary went and we had a little birhtday party for him after. Welcome to the area! We have so many baptisms that we have to have them on weekdays, too. It was a good moment.
We put 4 fechas this week. We are going to have to work like CRAZZYYYY!!!! But they are all on the same day... Right before changes. I am not sure how much longer I will be here, so really hope they are able to get baptized that day...
We found a new family this week! they are so great! The daughter contacted us a week ago, we went on Saturday, and they came to Church on Sunday. The mom is super skeptical, but, hey, the gospel is perfect. I am hoping that they will also be baptized with the others. Whoop whoop! It would be 4 more. And there is another girl that wants to be baptized. Nine in the same day? I´m down for that!

Well family, I love you bunches. Be missionaries. Fellowship. Send me letters! 


Here I am with my new companion and the boy who got baptized. 
 Ahhhh. Two of my most favorite sister missionaries!! And they are now companions!
 My mission posterity--from Right to Left--me, my daughter, my granddaughter and my great granddaughter
 The birthday party following the baptism!

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