Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast??

Hello Dear Familia. 

First, Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Smith! I got your birthday card and it made my day! Thank you so so much! I will save it forever! 

Also, MOM!!! I got your package. I definitely have something to be grateful for this past week! Package from Camille for birthday and Mom for Christmas. Oh Honduras mail... But my companion wants to say thanks too. She is completely addicted to American chocolate and peanut butter. She is waiting for me to get home so that I can send her a package. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was part of our Thanksgiving feast! 

Area= We had zone conference. My 3 to 5 min talk was about 2 min. But no one is sad when they are shorter... And it was a wonderful day. Presidente spoke about the Atonement for an hour and it was wonderful. In the end he spoke about faith. This guy is powerful. I learned so much and it was so motivating. They gave us burritos for lunch and I was way happy. 

ANNNNDDDD...... WE GOT CELL PHONES!!!! Only the hermanas, but nonetheless we are enjoying the blessings of modern technology. It is quite pathetic and really duro, and I have never been more grateful. 

We are committed to baptize 3 people for every companionship this month. If everyone does it, we will break a record in the misison. 1700 baptisms. 

 We are using the Book of Mormon more and more in the work. We always used it with investigators but we are going full force with the menos activos and members. We are challenging everyone to read it over again. We also practiced using the Book of Mormon to answer questions and resolve doubts during the reunion de distrito and my companion and I mimicked dad. We had them open the Book of Mormon and read a verse and it was perfect for their situation. It is great to know that God is mindful of us even when we are practicing. 

Funny=It got a little bit cold here and everyone pulled out their winter gear. It is way funny. And THey don't want to leave their houses because It is too cold. It is like 50 degrees. I am so happy. I don't even need a sweater and I don't sweat. Perfect weather. 

Our Thanksgiving was a little pathetic. But I expressed gratitude all day long. We had a... feast... in the night time. We made fried platanos and bread with pb. And American chocolate. It was wonderful. I made hats/headbands for us. My companion was an Indian and I was a Pilgrim. 

Challenges/Blessings=We had a shorter week this week in which to work--due to zone conference-- so we were a little nervous about our goals. But we were able to meet our goals of lessons with members. The standard of the mission is 10 every week and we had 11.  It was a blessing. 

The church building is under construction for the next two months so everything is a bit harder. But the sweet members spent all of Saturday cleaning it so we could have a pretty place to be Sunday. I love them

Changes are this week, so we will see what happens since I have been here now for six months. Actually they are next week. 11 de Diciembre. 

Love you all so much! Happy day!

Our Thanksgiving Feast and our costumes.

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