Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Before I forget. We can skype 24, 25, 31, or 1. Just let me know. I want to do it early in the day. like 11 or 1. 1 is probably better. But I can work with your schedules. I just need to know so we can work it out with a member. We can skype for 50 minutes. Yay! 

So. I got transferred. Woohoo. I was pretty sad to leave Campamento. I truly grew to love the people there so much. Soooo much. They were like family. The people were so nice to me when I left. A few made us food and other people gave me stuff. Like key chains of Honduras and a shirt and other stuff from their houses. Homemade jewelry. So sweet.
I am now here in Roble Oeste with Hna. Clark. A different Hermana Clark than was my trainer. She was in the CCM with me but in another district. But it is so fun. It is a little bit hard to learn Spanish with companions from the states, but hey, I like a challenge. This is also the richest area in the mission. We are no longer allowed to contact people in their houses, so it is all in the street. We are practicing our people skills and our stalking. Basically we jump in front of people and say, "Hey we´re missionaries, can we come to your house?" Its pretty sketch.
The people here have cars. And houses. And electricity. And food. I am not really used to it yet. I am actually in a bit of shock. But, WE ARE IN THE AREA OF THE TEMPLE. We still can´t go to it, but ITS HERE!!! I am super excited. I tell people about it in every contact and in every lesson. Oh hey, have you seen the temple? Do you want to have your family for forever? Its sweet.
We need to learn how to work here better. Basically we wander a lot. I can´t wait until I know the area and the members. The members will be key in this area. We share our area with other sisters who live in our house and the assistents. Basically it is way too much sharing.
We also share our house. It is the biggest house in the mission. We share it with other sisters. We have 2 washing machines, a stove, everyone has their own bathroom and basically we are just spoiled. And the bed doesn´t kill me every night. I still miss Campamento. But the members feed us a lot here. The mission president and his wife are in our ward, too. Kind of a bit of pressure. But I am pretty sure his wife loves me. Who wouldn´t?:-)
We had a meeting with the BISHOP yesterday and we were getting to know each other and he asked me what area I was in before and I told him Campamento. The assistent told him that when I got there the attendance was 30 and we got it up to 70. Actually 68, but it was nice to know someone noticed. I seriously saw so mnay miracles there. I almost want to go back, but then I look at the temple and change my mind.
The focus in the mission is families. The missionaries before were teaching a bunch of old women, who have families. So now we are teaching their families. And there are a few that are pretty receptive. We have one investigator who smokes, drinks and used to do drugs. But he wants to change. He went to Church this last week.
It is nice being in this area because we get mail faster. I assume. I hope so. Oh how I love mail. There was a batch of mail that got to our zone that was for me but I was transferred the next day, so I have to wait for them to send it back to the office and then to send it to me. Eck. But basically I am really happy and ready to work. 

Love you all! Feliz Navidad. 

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