Tuesday, December 17, 2013


December 9, 2013

This week was pretty crazy. Lots of changes. My companion got a call that she is going to train. I only have 5 months in the field and I am going to be a grandma! There are only 5 missionaries coming in the change. All Latinos. 2 Sisters. I am nervous to leave this area. 

We had a zone activity this week. We played soccer and I am growing to like it a little more. I don't like that I am bad at it. A member of the branch made us Baleadas which is the classic Honduranian food. She gave us 4 of them. It was hard to finish them. They were massive and stuffed. One of the elders looked over at us sisters and offered to finish our food if we couldn't and my pride was touched and I ate all 4 before anyone in the zone. Mom, be proud.:-) It was funny. The zone leader gave me a look of disgust/pride. The Elder who offered to finish our food couldn't finish his 4. Pretty funny... but I regretted it a little later because it was a ton of food. We also played dodgeball with toilet paper rolls. I owned. Gracias to 3 years of weight training when we played dodgeball a ton. 

I got a cute letter from the ward! I loved it so much! It was so sweet. It was the RS if front of my temple! GRACIAS!!!! Thank you so so so much!!

I also got the cutest Christmas card from Kristen! Your family is ADORABLE!!!! Ahh! Feliz Navidad y Cumpleaños. 

We also had a zone meeting this week. It was really good. The zone leaders have good hearts. Really good hearts. They taught us how we could present a plan of a lesson to the investigators. Me gusto mucho. 

We went to Tegus on Thursday for the meeting for Trainers for my companion. I am so happy for her. She is going to be so great! We found Pdte's house! I always feel super accomplished when I find the placed in Tegus. It is CRAZY in the city. And I love it. 

We have the compromiso to baptize 3 people and 1 family this month. We are trying so hard to accomplish it. We are being SUPER obedient. And now that we are being separated we are going to baptize 6 people and 2 families.

Friday night my DL challenged us to cumplir all of our goals that we put for the next day for Saturday. We had put some pretty high goals, but with a lot of help, we accomplished them. Even he was impressed. MUCHAS LECCIONES!! WE had 6 lessons with investigators, 4 were with members, and a million other little things. 

We contacted a girl friday night, went to her house Saturday and she and her cousin went to church Sunday. She is going to be baptized. 

I love you all so much! I will give you all the details next week about changes. FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

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