Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A few awkward moments . . .

Hola familia! 

Life is just a dream come true aqui in dear ol Campamento.... mas o menos. 

Before I forget, Honduras has elections this Sunday, so we will be on lockdown. They aren't expecting anything to happen and I am by far in the safest area of the mission, so even if anything happens it won't affect me. But I won't be able to write Monday. Quizás martes o miercoles. We aren't going to leave the house Sat, Sun, o Mon. Church is only going to be one hour on Sunday for all of Honduras. Yay elections. 

Area= Basically the only news is elections. Our mission had cambios, but it didn't affect us or anyone in our district because we are all in training. Yay. Our Sister Leader Trainer changed. We have intercambios tomorrow. I get to go to Talanga and my companion will stay here in dear ol Campamento. 


There is a girl named Paola who goes and visits people with us a lot every week. She is preparing for her mission and finally got her call. Guatemala Coban! A girl from my freshman ward is serving there. She leaves in February. 

We had an activity this week! All went well! It was Cultures and Talents. The branch members brought food from Honduras, I pretended to make no bake cookies, but I forgot the recipe so they turned out just a tad bit different... But hey, no one knows what they are supposed to be like here. One girl went crazy on them. 

Entonces, Mother dear, o alguien, puede mandarme una receta de no bake cookies? Mantequilla de mani style? Gracias. 

The talent portion was way too funny. Mostly because the talents were a wee bit pathetic. There were a lot of dramas. As missionaries we did a mini drama about how family life is a lot happier with the gospel. It was funny and we asked for references as part of it. We also sang Christmas songs. Tis the season. 

All in all it was a success. 

We were really excited the last week because we had two families in Sacrament meeting. Then we went to visit one with the elders and they told us they didn't want anything to do with the church. Then the next day we visited the other family with the elders and it was the most awkward lesson of my life. The goal was to get the wife to pray. We taught about prayer and the Spirit was strong. And then everything came tumbling down. She said she did NOT like Church and she will not be baptized in the Church of her husband (our Church) and a bunch of other craziness. We still asked her to pray at the end of the lesson. We all knelt down and she and her husband closed their eyes and nobody said anything. Most awkward moment of my mission. Complete silence for 5 minutes. I am not even exaggerating. There were 4 missionaries and no one knew what to do. Finally Elder Carrillo tried to remedy the situation and it just got worse. Eventually we left and we all felt awful. But the husband prays for his wife to accept the gospel in all of his prayers and that the missionaries will fulfill their purpose in his house so that he can have a eternal family. It is powerful. Every time I look at him I can feel his potential. 

Spiritual= We are finding out that when we pray really hard, we find people to teach. Last night we needed to find one more family. We prayed fervently and within 3 minutes we saw a family in the street. We contacted them and the husband was a member. His wife was with him and we have a cita with them tonight. But we still needed a family. Withing 5 min. we found another family. There were fireworks outside and the family came out of their house and we attacked. They are great. We'll see how it goes with them. 

Funny--We laugh a lot, but I can't remember at what. 

We also leave our umbrellas in every house. Every house. 

Challenges/Blessings= We are having menos activos popping out of nowhere who have esposos o esposas who aren't members. Last night we found out where 4 separate couples live. 4 part member families! Yay! We have to work really hard this week to fulfill our goals because we are short 2 days. The 2 best days.

Well, that is all. I love you all so much. Make good choices. Go to Church. Help the missionaries. Feed them. Yep, AdIos!!!

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