Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthdays and Shopping??

Hola Familia. 

I am writing a tad bit early because we have a zone activity in another pueblo. Its 30 min away in bus. Its crazy I used to be terrified of buses when I lived in the states. Then I came to Honduras and it seems really normal to ride on the public bus. 

Primero, Gracias Mom, for the cartas. I love love love them. I haven´t gotten the package yet from Camille, but the odds are really high that I could get it today or that it is sitting in the office in Tegucigalpa. 

This week was really good. We had a lot of meetings which is frustrating because we don't teach as much. We had the reunion por nuevos. I always love these reuniones. So good. We had training on planning, 12 Semanas y more planning. We got real food, which is always a treat. Carne. Y no carne that I can´t recognize. 

We also had a reunion de nuestra zona. En Talanga. It was good. We have good zone leaders. I don´t remember what they taught, but we practiced inviting people to chruch and to Baptism. Ï never am afraid to invite, I just get frustrated with people´s agency. Saturday we woke up early so that we could climb to the top of a hilll and help a family get ready for Church the next day. I got sunburned and they didn´t come. But their neighbor did, so that is nice. 

I also had MI CUMPLEANOS!!! my companion is so great. She coordinated with the family Garcia (Isable was baptized from this family 2 weeks ago) and I joined in their celebration for their family. 2 people in their family had birthdays during the weekend, so we celebrated for all 3 of us. It was great. It was nice that it was p-day. 

We also found some clothes super cheap for us. I found 3 skirts for $4. Oh, Campamento. Ï love it. I also found a Christmas Jacket for $0.50. Best 50 cents I have ever spent. 

We also went to the house of Gethzel y Kelin, my first baptism. We had a noche de hogar con ellos and then they fed us Baleadas. Basically I ate a lot and the next day my companion and I were a little sick. But it was worth it. And Gethzel collected flowers from outside and with her grandma made an arrangement. Everyone is so so nice. And so willing to sacrifice. It means so much more when I know they are doing it with love. 

Astrid was baptized this week. She is 17 and is the neice of a member muy inactive. She cried after her baptism. tears=success. It was so great to see. And she wants to go on a mission and get married in the temple. I hope she can influence her family. 

We are trying harder and harder to help people fulfill their commitments. Helping them understand and act. I hope that we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors. 

I feel really blessed to work here. I love this gospel and I love the chance I have to share it.


Mucho Amor! 

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