Monday, October 28, 2013

It's A Miracle!!


Gracias for all of the wonderful birthday messages! You guys are the best! I have love for all of you! I am so glad all is going well for Grandma! 

This week was CRAZY!!! So, so, so Good! 

AREA= My companion and I helped the branch have Mutual for their first time in a long time. It was a smashing success! They had a spiritual thought, then they learned how to make Baleadas, the favorite food of Honduras, and then my companion and I played games with them. They all had fun, some of our investigators went and almost all of our conversos recientes came. YAY!!! And our branch president enjoyed it tambien. 

This week I tried the typical soup of Honduras. It is called Sopa de Mondongo. I am pretty sure it is the stomach lining of the cow. It wasn't terrible...

My companion and I also attempted to make baleadas. They weren't terrible tampoco. It is my goal to perfect my ability to make tortillas before I go back. We always need to have goals... 

We also had intercambios. I love them too much! They are so great! I stayed here in Campamento and my companion went to Talanga. My companion was from the US and so she talked to me in English a lot. It was weird. But kind of refreshing. I like Spanish more. 


We found 5 FAMILIES this week. Let me repeat that, 5 FAMILIES!!! This is the miracle of miracles. The goal is to find 3 every week and I have never done that. This week we found 5. God is in the work. We are so excited. Allo of them are going to be baptized. tHey have no idea, but it is the truth. 

Isabel, our investigator from forever, was BAPTIZED!!! it was a miracle! she has been meeting with missionaries for 2 years! Success! She shared with us the scripture that helped her make the decision. Alma 12:11. Dios es sabio. I thought it was interesting...and very direct. 

She cried after she was baptized. I almost cried. It was such a tender experience and I was so so happy. She is going to be the next Relief society president. I just know it. 

Baptism de Isabel. There are no words to describe it. She was the first person I challenged to be baptized here in the mission and the first baptism of my companion. Too bad I had to challenge her to be baptized 4 times before she was ready. But the Lord has His timing. 

We went to Cacao. It is an aldea de Campamento. There is a special spirit there. It is far from the city and just peaceufl. It was rejuvenating. 


We saw a snake... but it was after we found 2 families, so it was okay. 

My companion continues to be a blessing. I love her so much! 

I will share all the great birthday details the next time. Love you all! 

Happy Birthday to me! 

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