Monday, October 21, 2013

"Udderly" Irresistible. . . .or what's for dinner???

Hola Familia,

It has been a pretty great week. Be sure to let me know how Grandma is. I will be praying for her. I hope all goes well. 

My birthday is in exactly a week. I want an email from Ryan for my birthday. And everyone else!:)

Area= We had entrevistas in the Church. Pdte. went area by area. Or chapel by chapel. We were at the end of the road, so my companion and I brought fruit for President and his wife. I didn't particularly enjoy going to interviews with dad, so I figured fruit would make it a little better. I hope so. The interview lasted maybe 3 minutes. How are your prayers? Do you feel the Spirit? Questions like that. I think mine was the fastest. I understood President. But he also speaks a ton of English. But I am proud to say he only spoke to me in English my first week when I was sobbing. Not sure if I should be proud of that. Hna. Fortuna trained us on how to adapt to the mission life. 

We spent P-day with a family from the branch that goes with us a lot on visits. We learned how to make corn tortillas and then they fed us lunch. It was interesting. When I saw it I knew I shouldn't ask what it was. Later I asked my companion. We ate cow tongue and utter. Yummy. It was... okay. The utter was straight up fat. I don't think I will ever order it in a restaurant. 

People= Isabel is going to be baptized!!!! She is the one that fed me utter. But she was the first person I challenged to be baptized... and the first person to tell me no. But 4th time is the charm! She finally gave up her novio and she is going to stay in the Church for her whole life. She already goes to church more than her family who are all members. I love her. I hope all goes well. It will also be the first baptism for my companion.

Spiritual= We prepared a lesson for a member and she ended up crying. Success. We read an article from the Liahona about how we should be Saints in every season. READ IT. 
We are also working with the Jovenes. We are preparing Mutual this week and hopefully they will start that up again. 

Funny= We were teaching about authority to Isabel during the Restoration and my companion asked her if her dad could be a prophet. He was there and quickly proclaimed that he could. It is funny when you know that he has been a member for 15 years and right now is an alcoholic. Maybe not funny, just twisted. We reexplained authority...

We have umbrellas. They are necessary. We use them for the sun and the rain. Unfortunately we leave them in every house. We spend a ton of time regressing to other houses. Neither of us has ours right now..

Bendiciones/Desafios=Basically I am elated about Isabel. We had the opportunity to serve which meant people fed us. I had 2 really good meals this week. And I also proved I can beat anyone when it comes to shoveling. It is really hard to find families. Pray for me. We have a goal to baptize a family this month, but we aren't teaching any. Lots of prayers... 

Ummm...once again, NEXT WEEK IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! OCT. 28. Don't forget. 

Love you all. Praying for you and Grandma! 

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