Thursday, October 17, 2013

This week in Honduras . . . or how to get a stove the quick way.

Hola familia. Life is just great here! We had a busy week. 

Area= We went to Tegucigalpa esta semana for a meeting for the nuevo misioneros. It was kind of interesting. I still feel like I am the new one. But it was great. Motivating. Inspirational. Comforting. And we got real food. 

After 3 weeks without a stove I decided to go about getting a new one the faster way. I slyly mentioned to Hna. Fortuna that we didn't have a stove (I did it with grace and subtlety) and with in 20 min the office brought us a new one. I also managed to sequester a new DVD player and a box of copies of the Book of Mormon. Success. We have never been so happy to cook. And my companion knows how to cook here! Yay food! 

We have interviews this week. Presidente is going to travel to every area. He is coming here Friday in the tarde. And they might check the house.. or might not. We have a lot of cleaning to do. Only because the water broke to the house and so we haven't had water for a few days. But there is a guy who is fixing it right now. Yay! 

We were going to have a zone activity today, but nobody has money, so maybe next week. 

DIANA WAS FINALLY CONFIRMED!!!! Hallelujah. I can finally breathe. And she is preparing to go to the temple for baptisms with her nieces. Yay! Valeria was also confirmed. But she counts like a nina escrita. Whatever that means... 

We are finally having success with the menos activos. We have had at least one in the Church for the first time in 3 months for the last 2 weeks. They are just scared. But there are menos activa twins that are going to help us teach a lesson this week. I stole the idea from your mission. 

I was feeling a wee bit down because of Spanish and the inability to teach really well, but I came to the conclusion that if I am trying to be like Christ as much as I can, then it doesnt matter. And I just have room to improve. Yay. 

It also hit me this week that Repentance is a blessing. Its an opportunity to feel happy and clean again. It isn{t something bad or something to look down upon. Its happy! 

Funny= I don{t have anything in specific. But I am laughing a lot. A lot a lot.. I get along really well with my companion. 

Our water broke, but its being fixed! 
Spanish is interesting. Basically I am learning that I have been saying a lot of things wrong for 3 months. Yay. But I am still humble :) 

LOVE you alllllll!!!!! I{ll lett you know how interviews go.
Love you so much! 

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