Thursday, October 3, 2013

Michelle is Training!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post her letter this week. We didn't have internet for three days and then I was busy. But here it is!!


So, due to the length of the emails and my inablilty to retain any information because I am so excited for news from home, I take a picture of your emails to read later. Or reread. It has been wonderful. But I need to mention a few things that I forgot to write in response to your letters. 

1. Dad, I am so sorry that you keep having to send home missionaries.  I know that must be really hard! 

2. Mom-- I need more direction on how to use the BoM things.  How do I use them with investigators/at what point? I am just nervous because I don't want to slaughter it with my limited vocablulary. 

3. Mom, can you please tell grandma how grateful I was for her note? It was so great to hear from her. I pray for her and grandpa everyday. I miss them so much. Tell her that I love her and grandpa! 

Can you also send me grandpa's email address? 

And I am totally impressed you drove to Hna. Hernandez's stake. Holy cow. 

Kali--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! It was so fun to see your kids! Emmitt is huge! Also, your emails are hilarious. 

Kristen= I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE hearing stories about the boys. I don't know how you do it. But at least they are entertaining. 

Allie --I got your email and it was wonderful! I will try to respond soon, but I will probably just send a real letter. 

 I AM GOING TO TRAIN!!!!! I am not sure if this fits under the heading of area, but it is the biggest part of my life right now, so I am just saying it first. President called me Tuesday morning and we had a meeting in Tegus jueves. Me, 3 other sisters and like 15 elders. My district leader is also trianing, so I will never have to travel alone. Yay. Someone is looking out for me. 

I gave a talk on sunday. Importance of the Book of Mormon. I am not sure if anyone understood a single word, but they all looked at me. Basically the branch loves me. Therefore, they are nice. 

We also helped someone move houses. That was interesting. Right before a baptism. I should have taken a before and after picture of myself. I am definitely learning how to get ready quick! 

The niece of Diana was baptized this saturday. Technically it was an nino escrito [child of record]. I have no idea what that is in English. But it was good. We almost started on time. 

No one was confirmed this Sunday. oh... esta familia es un dolor en mi cabeza. One of them went off running and the other refused to come out of her room. But, we went by the house later and convinced them to commit to being confirmed in 2 weeks. Esta familia... Pero, I am learning a lot of patience. A lot of it... 

Spiritual= This week has been crazy and my companion has wanted to say goodbye to everyone in Campamento. But, we have still had some tender experiences. She was saying goodbye to Pdte Amador and it was wonderful. He is so much like dad. He just sat there and taught us from the scriptures. I just soaked it up. He is the one in white that baptized Valeria this last saturday. He looks really grumpy, but he is actually the nicest person ever. 

Funny= I introduced sock buns to Campamento this last Sunday. They thoguht it was hilarious. I now am under obligation to teach the Relief society president. 

Quote of the week= We were in sunday school and the girl was teaching about missions and she was saying that repentance is an important step before we leave on a missin. Her exact words---, If you kill someone, you should repent before you go on a mission. She just turned in her pápers, so I hope that isn't a personal experience... 

Language barrier= we asked someone if they had questions [preguntas] and they thought we asked if they had una pelota [ball]. Almost...

I totally messed up the hymns on Sunday. No one knew what verse we were on and we just sat in silence. I decided to jump to the last verse. Too bad my companion kept playing... But I just walked off. With a super red face. 

Challenges/ blessings= 

We still don't have a stove. Which means we don't have money. Which means I am hungry. But we went to the office after the meeting on thursday and I talked to Elder Robles. Turns out he already knew who I was because he is from Guadalajara. Therefore, he knew dad and was way willing to help me. So I gave him a list of items I wanted. But he was way way nice and showed me pictures of his home. He goes to the ward by the temple. Yay. 

I think this is basically it. Next week will be more excitng. I don{t really want responsibility, but I am excited to have equality. And I will learn Spanish. I saw the list of sisters and one is named Hna. Zapata. That is the coolest name ever. And her first name is Katherine and her second Michelle. It is fate. I Hope I get her. If not, It will still be good because it wiill be inspired. 

Love you so much!

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