Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hola familia! 

First, shout out to mom who wins on the letter front. You are the best. I seriously love mail so much! I am also really grateful you send me Grandpa´s emails. They are so fun to read. I also got a surprise letter from Sis. Abbott. It was so great. It was perfect in every way. She is so nice. I am excited her son is going to Tegucigalpa. Also, Kristen, your jokes were more than timely. They saved the world from my wrath... or just made me smile at the end of a really long day. I also got a letter from Camille. It was so great to hear about her life. Keep them coming

This week has been crazy. I feel like nothing has happened, but at the same time everything has happened. 

Yesterday was Dia de Independencia. There were no fireworks. I don´t get it. But there was a parade. You may be thinking, how fun a parade. Nope. It started right before church so we had to race to church so we didn´t get stuck behind it. And it was all of the kids from all of the schools in Campamento so we have been listening to them practice for the last month. I don´t like drums. 

Last Monday we helped a member make every possible food from elote. It was so fun. I am going to own in the kitchen after the mish. I now KNOW how to make tamalitos and fritas. There is other stuff she made from it, but I don´t know how to make them. I love the members. It was with Balbina who is my Camille. 

People: We have been singing ´´Una familia Dios me Dio´´ all week long. That´s right! We were blessed with a familiy to teach! This is huge! And they came to Church on sunday and said it was what they were waiting for and basically they are perfect. We might have problems with ´´Obedecer y Honrar las Leyes´´ because they live in the US, but the Branch President made that rule quite clear in his first conversation with them. Thanks for biting that bullet. They are wonderful. 

We also might have another baptism this saturday. The goal is to have one every week in September. It is a young girl who has sisters who are members. 

Basically we would be useless without the Spirit. This week I had the strangest impression to teach about tithing with a really strong member who might be the only full tithe payer. But it turned out to be just what she needed. She was feeling way lonely and basically ended up pouring out her whole life to me. By the end my companion was sobbing and I was comforting them both. I really don´t like emotions. But it was a tender experience. 

We also saw the baptism of Diana.See was the one who had the date for the 17 de Agosto, but we had to work REALLY hard with her. It was a miracle that she was baptized. 

I have come to understand Ether 12:27 better. I am truly starting to understand my weaknesses. But instead of being overwhelmed by them, they are simply a way for me to use the Atonement in my life and become stronger. 

We also went to the temple. 2 zones shared a bus. It was so great. And beyond perfect timing. I was so so grateful. 

We made a mess out of the hymns on sunday. During the first one, my companion threw off the hymn book and in the second I walked off the stand before the last verse. Yay us. 

I also had to jump over the wall again for the baptism. We need a key. 

Challenge: This week the biggest challenge has been that we need to organize our branch better. After Presidente visited us last sunday he made the elders the new secretaries in the branch and as a result we now have to visit all 300 of the branch members. We will see how long it takes. We are using the members a lot. I am slowly ocnvincing them it is like a scavenger hunt. yay! No one has addresses here. They are just hints. ´´ house de tierra a bajo pulperia´´ 

Love you all! Hope everything is going well! 

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