Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weird Week

Why hello familia. This has been a super strange week. So weird. But it went by fast, so I guess that is nice. I hit my 3 month mark on the mission on the 29th. I am 1/6 of the way done with my mission. I have never felt more of an urgency in my life! There are so many people that need to hear the gospel. 

This is probably going to be the most spastic letter because I didn´t organize it at all. At all....

We are teaching 2 girls named Gethzel and Kelin. They are part of a family of all members. They were totally ready to be baptized this last Saturday. Unfortunately Mother Nature wanted them to wait another week. Oh puberty. It was a fun one to explain to the elders. It was even better when they kept asking why it was impossible to have it the next day. The got hit with ¨Blunt Michelle¨ poor things. The girls were super sad. So we did what every sister missionary would do. We bought cookies and ate them together. Yay girls! 

Thursday night we received a call that we had a zone meeting the next day and we had intercambios after with the sister leader trainrs. My district also had intercambios with the zone leader and they wanted to visit a family with us. Yay. Therefore, I, the nueva, would be in my area, directing the sister leader trainer, my district leader and my zone leader. ¨Welcome to Campamento, I have only been here for 6 weeks¨. But it worked out pretty well. I didn´t have to say much in the lesson. All of the leaders arepretty new at their callings (all have just over a week) so it was interesting. We taught a super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. The family was feeling the Spirit and I was about to challenge them to baptism...then the zone leader started talking about the Word of Wisdom out of nowhere. I was mildly confused, but I guess we can try again next time. We also were there for over an hour and so we were late for the baptismal interviews for Gethzel and Kelin. But, the elders and the hna were super impressed by how fast I could make them walk. 

Overall it was a great experience. I am a big fan of intercambios. It is so motivating! 

Funny stories: 

1. Crazy man number 1. We contacted into some girls one night and they were really receptive. We went back the next night and their dad was there. Oh man. He had a bible that had a Hebrew title but the rest was Spanish. Basically he was convinced that the Hebrew name for God was the only one acceptable and we were pagans when we called him anything else. Also, God doesn´t have enough power to appear to Joseph Smith. Then my companion had the faith to ask him to pray in the end and he basically called us Satan worshippers and prayed that their family would in some way be able to benefit from our visit. 

2. Crazy man number 2. During the baptismal interviews for Gethzel and Kelin we gave a Church tour to their friends that came with them. They were study partners from the school. We were in the chapel and were talking about how baptism and the Santa Cena help us become clean. Then one of the guys went off on a rant about how he has only been drunk once, but when he got drunk he almost killed his mother but an angel stopped him. Basically I have an increased testimony of the Word of Wisdom

3. We were teaching a lesson yesterday and I was bearing testimony about Adam and Eve and how it was a great thing that they partook of the fruit. My testimony came out a little jumbled. I said that I was really grateful that Adam and Eve got hungry in the Garden so that we can be on Earth. Everyone laughed and I played it off well. And then at the end of the lesson the mom committed to being baptized at the end of this month. She just needs to get married first because NO ONE IS MARRIED IN HONDURAS. 

Love you all! Pray for me! 

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