Monday, August 19, 2013

This week was a little bit slower. We had a lot of meetings in Tegucigalpa, so we didn't have as much time to teach and it is just better when we can work hard for the whole day and not just a few hours. I think our investigators suffered a bit from the lack of attention. No one came to Church this week. ZERO investigators. Woohoo. But we will kidnap them this Sunday. 

One of the meetings was for the hermanas. That was the reason I wrote on Tuesday. Then we had a meeting on Wednesday for all of the new missionaries at our 6 week mark. I love these meetings and I think it is great that Presidente has them. I can feel his love for us and I know that he cares. And I now know how to make my way through Tegucigalpa which makes me really relieved. 

The first part of the meeting was him speaking. He spoke about obedience. Then the sister leader trainers reviewed 12 semanas with us and how we can use it better, then the assistants taught us how we can plan better. I loved it all. Then Presidente has a time when all of the trainers leave the room and he talks with the newbies. This is when he asks about any concerns or questions. It was kind of intense this time. Basically he figured out that the trainers aren't using 12 semanas or following the schedule. Out of all the new missionaries (over 20) my companion and I were the only ones who followed the schedule exactly and did our study time right. We need to be obedient, because we need the blessings. But this knowledge resulted in an extra hour of training for all of us. Poor Presidente. He looked pretty worried. 

Zone Conference. 
Presidente talked for an hour. Powerful. Then the sister leader trainers taught and then the asistants. All followed the modelo de capitacion. And then Hna. Fortuna taught us. I think about how to recognize the spirit. It was really good. I will have to look at my notes again. Then we had lunch. The Zoneleaders provided it. Rico. Carne asada tacos and rice and heaven. And tres leches. Then presidente talked to us for an hour about simple things like being clean. He told us we need to shower in the morning and in the night. 2 times. That is going to be the hardest rule to follow. 

I have realized that work is the best medicine. It was flattering. My companion asked if I had always been this diligent. Considering I was feeling pretty lazy in that moment, I felt pretty good. I was even more motivating. She hasn't seen anything yet! But Time goes by way faster. 

I am in love with the hills. I get excited every time. The view is always wonderful and my legs can feel the burn. 

I ran out of time! Love you all! 

You know, just the average walk to the house of a member of the branch presidency. No big deal. Through a river and up a mountain. 

I am not quite sure what type of fruit this is. You eat the white part. And my face really isn't this red. I just got done playing ultimate frisbee.

Tell me I don't live in Paradise. I dare you.

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    I am a missionary at the Tegucigalpa temple. This link was sent to me by my BYU tutors...It is filled with text for teaching English as a second language. I also have a list of websites given to me by one of our assistant matrons who is on her 7th Spanish speaking mission. Send me an email, and I will forward her links.
    Sincerely, Hermana Laurene Starkey