Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lots of Blessings!

Dear Family,

Sorry that I didn´t write yesterday. We had a reunion con all of the Hermanas. There are over 40! Sis. Fortuna talked to us about how we could control stress. Then a lot of the sisters presented a little bit of their culture from their country. SKits, songs, dances. THen they fed us. Food is happiness. 

Pero, this week was a week of miracles! Let me list them for you so you can enjoy my JOY!!!

1. I GOT THE PACKAGE FROM MOM!!! I have never been so happy in my life! IT HAD PEANUT BUTTER!!! I am cherishing it like gold. It was my comp´s birthday the next day so I let her try pb and oreos and basically she loves me. It is so good. THere was also a mini beach ball that I have used to teach English and PRimary. GRACIAS!!! There was also sunscreen that is my new best friend. It is way easy to reapply. And oother cosas of happiness. 

2. We started an English class and it was successful! 3 investigators came! And a menos activo entered the Church for the first time in 15 years! We are going to continue becasue we don´t know Spanish, but we totes know English! If anyone has any tips on how to teach it, feel free to send it my way! 

3. We are finally learning to use the members! Hallelujah. We went on splits with the RS last Thursday. They are so helpful. There are no addresses in Honduras so it is crucial to use the members to find menos activos. We are doing more today. 

4. WE HAVE 3 BAPTISMAL DATES FOR THIS MONTH! THat will double the number of dates for the YEAR! I am so excited. 2 of them committed the first time we taught them. Most of their family are members, but they haven´t been to Church in over 10 years. But they are way nice! 

5. We had 67 people in the Iglesia this week. THat is double the normal number. And we had 7 investigators, 8 with the Elders, and 2 menos activos in the Church for the first time in over 3 months. One of our investigators raised her hand in Primary when they asked who wants to serve a mission when they are older. I am not sure if she completely understands, but I am taking it as a promise. 

6. I LOVE PAPAYA. This may seem simple but before my mission I thought it tasted like an awful mix of vomit and dog food. Now I inhale it like candy. I wish they had more fruit in the town, but I think they send it to the city. 

7. I had my first almost warm shower. I believe in miracles. It was totally random, but I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to actually stand under the water. It wasn´t quite warm, but it wasn´t frigid. 

It has been such a great week. We had a zone conference the last week and basically I learned that I am a representative of Jesus Christ and my every thought, words, and actions should represent Him. Such a great responsibility, but I am up for it! And I love goals and this way I should never run out of them. 

Love you all dearly! I am sending letters out today, so you should get them...eventually. Love you all to pieces. Thank you for your prayers, I can feel them strengthen me. 

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