Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Letter From Sister Fortuna (Mission President's Wife)

We may not have heard much from Michelle this week, but we received the sweetest letter from the wife of her mission president. Plus she sent a couple pictures from their zone conference. I sure appreciated receiving the letter and the pictures!

Hermana Wagner:

Soy la Hermana Fortuna.   Le cuento que hoy tuvimos conferencia de zona en T, que es donde está Hna. Wagner. Ella estuvo muy participativa. Estuvimos conversando y ella está muy entusiasmada y animada,  dice que le gusta su área. Ella  es muy buena, muy inteligente y tiene mucho deseo de servir. En días pasados tuvo intercambio con una de las hermanas líderes entrenadoras y fue muy buena experiencia para las dos. La hermana líder entrenadora nos dijo “la hermana Wagner si que tiene el Espíritu, dijo exactamente lo que los investigadores necesitaban escuchar”.

Hermana, tenemos mucho amor por  los misioneros, en especial por los de la Misión Honduras Comayagüela y por la hermana Wagner, cualquier cosa en que podamos servirles, sólo escríbame a mi o al Presidente Fortuna. Oramos para que la Hna. Wagner continúe con el ánimo y  el deseo de seguir predicando el Evangelio de Jesucristo a nuestros hermanos de Honduras, ella es una  gran misionera de Jesucristo.

Con cariño
 Hermana Fortuna
Misión Honduras Comayagüela

A simple translation: She was telling us that they just had a zone conference in Michelle's area and Michelle participated a lot. In talking with her, Michelle said she was very enthusiastic and happy and liked her area. She is a good and intelligent and has a lot of desires to serve. In the past, she went on a companionship exchange with a sister leader trainer and it was a good experience for them both. The Sister Leader told President Fortuna and his wife that Michelle had the Spirit and said exactly what the investigators needed to hear. 

She then tells me that they love the missionaries very much, especially those in their mission --which included Michelle and that if there is anything they can do to help us, we can write either of them. They pray that Michelle will continue with her enthusiasm and her desire to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to her brothers/sisters in Honduras. She is a great missionary of Jesus Christ.

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