Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello my dear family! This week has been... intersesting...

Primero, noticicias. Honduras has elections the 23 y 24 so we are not going to be able to leave the house for those 2 days and the 25. I think that there is only going to be Sacrament meeting in all of Honduras, so we can leave for that and then run back to the house. I don´t know what we are going to do for 3 days. I hate not working. 

Second, Mom´s questions= Our zone activity was quite unorganized. We played futbol, ate some burnt corn that some American elder made (crazy nasty, but we all ate it with a smile because we are missionaries and we eat weird food) and later went to eat at a chicken place. It was really good, but I felt kind of queasy the next day. 

We used to help in the Primary, but they honestly didn´t need us so we now help in the youth. They NEED the help. Ít is a lot more rewarding and we helped them start having mutual again. The 3rd hour we go to Relief Society. I love it. 

We share the entire branch and area with the elders. Our area is massive so it isn´t a problem. And the Elders sometimes visit our investigators with us. More info about that later.... 

Area= This week we are going to have an activity. Cultures and Talents. Gracias mom and dad for the papel sobre como encontrar personas. It is going to be a smashing hit. 

We served a menos activa named Gilma. With machetes we mowed her weeds. It is quite normal here and quite ineffective when a group of Americans are doing it. Within 15 minutes my hand was bleeding from the Machete and my companion spent the week helping my finger not receive an infection. It was great. 

We are learning how to make tortillas. They are getting better and better. You are welcome, future family. 


Ummm... I love my companion. We made schedules for every hour of our lives so that we don´t waste time. I love schedules. 

We are having more and more success with Menos Activos. We are starting to have an activity every Saturday with the members to find menos activos and invite them to church. I hope we see the fruits. It will help the members a lot. 

We HAD 61 PERSONAS IN CHURCH. About 10 were investigators, 5 were visisting and 15 of our strong members didn´t come. There is hope of 70 this month. We had 2 families in Church. Success. It was a miracle!!! Ahh! 

Funny= I had a dream in Spanish! My companion woke up because I was teaching a family in Spanish in my dream. I am FLUENT.:-) I was so so happy! 

Blessings- Challenges. 

We have 2 really positive families that we are teaching. Armalia y Bany. They both came to Church, accepted a date to be baptized. We went to visit them with the Elders and they were packing all of their belongings because they didn´t have money and they have 2 months of rent to pay. They left for their house in the Mountain this morning. We returned to their house in the night to see if they could still come to Church and everything and Bany spent the whole time being crazy and complaining to Elder Carrillo. It was the worst lesson ever. But maybe his wife will still come. 

The other family is a miracle. The husband, Santos, is a menos activo and God seriously led us to his house. He and his wife went to Church this past sunday and are preparing to go this sunday. We need to start their papers for their wedding aHORA if we have hope of baptizing them this month. We are going to talk to them again today. Jeni, the wife, wants to be baptized, but I don´t think she understands why yet. 

Life is just peachy! Love you all! Happy Birthday Dad! 

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