Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Weeks, Two Letters

 Hello dear family.  (August 26, 2014)

This last week we had intercambios with the sisters in Juticalpa. It is where Hna. M. is. My daughter in the mission. I wasn´t with her this time. I was with her companion. She is going home in like a week. It was good. We found a new family and set a baptism date with another family. It was a positive experience. She has a lot of pain in her knees, so she suffers a lot. Poor thing. 

Wednesday we had intercambios with Guiamaca. I was with Hna. S.  She is 28. Honestly, it makes me really nervous to be with the older sisters. Even with the age change, I am still pretty young in the mission. I have never had a companion younger than me. But it intimidates me a bit. But it is really interesting. God qualifies those that he calls. That's for sure. When she was crying I knew the words that God wanted me to tell her. I have had so many experiences where my mouth has been filled as I have opened it. 

I love serving these sisters. We are officially done with intercambios for this change. Unless something truly awful happens. 

The sister in Guaimaca was super scared the whole time that I was with her there because they were convinced that Presidente would never send a Norte Americana there. But honestly, it isn´t that dangerous. It is super calm. Everyone likes to think that they are in super dangerous areas, but really, every part is the same. Newsflash, we are in Honduras. Its all dangerous. But at the same time, we are super protected. 

Friday we had a mission wide service project. Everyone did service in their own areas. We painted the park. They chose super ugly colors, but I painted very well. :) I told everyone that I painted so well because my dad worked at a  painting company... I forgot to tell them that he actually didn´t paint, but was the accountant... whoops :)

Saturday we had a baptism. It was a girl named Abril. Actually that is her nickname. Her real name is Jenifer. I am not sure how they got Abril, because she was born in january. I don´t understand people. 

Sunday we had the District Leaders come and they spoke abuout tithing being fire insurance and after everyone filled out a tithing slip. It was funny to see the line to get a tithing slip. 

Our district meeting was interesting this week. Our DL started by talking about how he was pretty sure he had found one of the 3 Nephites and then started talking about how he knew when the second coming was going to happen. It was a bit... strange... but not out of the ordinary for him. Then for the practice he had us leave the church and go look for new investigators. Its always an adventure with him. 

Fun fact= in our branch, almost every active man has the title Presidente. I am not sure how they all pulled that off, but it makes me laugh. 

Have great week. Love you all! 

 Second Letter--August 18, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has been CRAZY! And super expensive with traveling. 

We started off well with intercambios with Juticalpa. The sisters are in training, so it was beyond necessary. I was with Hna. K  in my area. I traveled 6 hours in bus that day. It was nauseating. I thought that the nausea came from the bus... until the nighttime when I found out I had food poisoning. But we were still able to have a good day working. I was able to hold off the nausea until the nighttime. I can be pretty stubborn sometimes, and this time I was stubborn with my stomach.

 The sister really needed the intercambios. She was sobbing within the first 30 min. But we had a 3 hour bus ride and God helped me say the words that she needed to hear. In the nighttime I read her part of my journal from the beginning where I was planning to jump off of the balcony and break my right ankle. That always helps them realize they are actually doing pretty well. They usually laugh. :) 

During the night I woke up running to the bathroom and spent some good quality time there throwing up. I was able to sleep for a little bit, but then it was time to work again We had to travel to Juticalpa to bring Sister K back to her area, but then I almost fainted in the bus station so we had the sisters come to our area instead and we stayed and studied...while I was in the bed.

 But she thanked me and said that she was grateful that she could stay with me in my area a bit longer because she is suffering with her companion. But I made her pb&j and no bake cookies. She was incredibly grateful. Sometimes you just need comfort food. 

Friday we went to Catacamas and I was with my ex companion Hna. C. She was struggling a bit, but I was able to help. Sometimes you just need a friend. And President helped her a lot. I also let her borrow the letter Kat sent me for when times get rough on the mission. It helped a lot. Kat is so great. 

Sunday was interesting. Our investigators didn't go to Church, but Church was a little weird, so I think it was good in the long run. Hopefully they will go this week. 

Today had an activity for the sisters. We talked about charity and love and had them write 20 reasons why they love their companions to help them focus on their better attributes. Also, we played charades and then Quidditch and then ate. Then my companion and I and a few other sisters climbed up to were they have a zipline. we didn't do the zipline, of course, but it was pretty. I love Campamento. 

This week we have our last 2 intercambios. It will be good. They are super expensive. But sometimes we get reimbursed. Just for the long ones. 

I hope you have a great week! 

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