Saturday, August 16, 2014


Dear Family,

Okay, a lot has happened this week. Get ready. Okay, so maybe not a lot, but it was a good week. 

Monday we had family night with the Varela family. They are the family of drunks. But they are doing better. Mondays we have family night with them and they invite all of their neighbors to their house and then we teach them. This last week we taught the Restoration using candles. It was pretty good, if I say so myself. We had 6 new people.

Tuesday, my companion was waiting for the call to become a trainer and was hard to drag everywhere. Wednesday, my companion never received the call and went into depression. She was sure she was going to be called to train her last three months and so was pretty sad when that didn't happen. 

But our investigator, N. had her baptismal interview and we made pupusas. I am now a professional. But seriously. It is a bit complicated (not at all) but I got the hang of it. But I felt bad because N's family wanted pupusas from El Salvador and instead got pupusas made by an American. The difference is quite drastic. But they were happy. 

We have been trying to find ways to lure N's husband into listening to us. Apparently he is SUPER shy. WE have tried food 2 times. He has avoided us like the plague. But he works at una Optica so I think I am going to get my eyesight checked... just for fun... Oh the things we do as missionaries to help people come unto Christ. I know that if we can earn his confidence it will be a lot easier to get him to listen to us. I'll keep you updated. :) We know that when there is a will, there is a way. And when there is a Wagner/Smith there are results.:-) 

Thursday we had our first efficient weekly planning in the change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, my companion had no desire to plan (still sad over not getting to train) But  we did it, and didn't go overtime! We did it in less than 3 hours. 

We also tracted into a group of 3 woman. A mom and her 2 daughter in laws.  The mom had lost her husband 3 days before and we talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation. You would think that it would be a golden moment and that God had led us to this family in this moment. He probably did lead us, but these women were AWFUL!! They refused to say Amen after the prayers and were afraid to even touch us and basically there was just an awful spirit in their house. But maybe one day they will wake up and see the light. 

Friday N WAS BAPTIZED!!! I am not sure if I have told her story before. The elders knocked into her house in February. They weren't able to progress with her, so about a month and a half ago (right before I came) they gave us her name.  

She had gone to Church, but because she had grown up in a super Catholic family, she had a lot of doubts about being baptized. We strongly emphasized the Book of Mormon. We verified her reading like none other. We made sure she read everyday. And if she didn't we made sure we read with her. AND SHE GOT HER ANSWER. She was saying her prayers in the morning and was feeling pretty abandoned and then read in Nephi in 21:14-16. It was powerful. 

All of her family came to her baptism. It was so special. Her husband told us that he had visited our Church before and that he liked it. But he is still in hiding. Grrrr.....

Saturday we contacted a family and they came to Chruch on SUNDAY!!! That never happens. We taught their first lesson after Church. It was a miracle. I had been a bit frustrated in the week because we were in town all week and my companion had NO desire to work and so we wasted a lot of time. So it was a nice blessing. I love this work. 

N received the Holy Ghost. It was funny because we were telling her that there might be changes this week. She said she wanted to talk to President Fortuna and she said she would say¨Hi. I am N. I just got baptized and today I received the Holy Ghost. He gave me the impression that the sisters should both stay here.¨ I laughed pretty hard. She understood the Holy Ghost! She is so great! She is definitely converted. Such a sweet blessing. 

The lights went out last night. We had to go in early :(

Our zone had a competition to find new investigators. We all know how I am with competitions. Families counted more than people. We found 4 new families. WE WON THE CAKE!!! 

So, we have had a prolbem with mice in the house. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought mice poisoning. I made a lovely sandwich of peanut butter and poison and I cut it into 8 pieces. Within an hour we could only find 7. Success... But then it started to smell super bad... After about 2 days I decided we had to try to find the mouse. I found it and disposed of it. I feel quite accomplished and any words of congratulation would be appreciated. I feel like this was the last thing I lacked to officially become an adult. :) 

Love you all! Wish me luck with changes! (When a trainer is called they receive the call the week before changes so they can be trained on how to train. However, Michelle and her companion will find out if either of them is changed tomorrow.)

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