Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sheer Exhaustion and a temple trip!

Dear Family,

This week has been exhausting. Uttlerly exhausting. Thank goodness for P-days. I love it. 

So we had 2 zone conferences this week. We had to present the Doctrine of Christ. We focused on some of the heroes of the Book of Mormon who knew who they were and what they were called to do. Then we practiced inviting people to be baptized. 

They had to invite pastors and Jehovah Witnesses to be baptized and normal people too. It was really good. 

We went with President to Juticalp to visit our other zone of sisters. We got in the car and the first thing he asked us was how were the sisters that live with us. They had called him asking to change houses.  He said no. Especially when we explained the situation. Luckily he trusts us and told us to keep helping them be obedient. 

Luckily the situation with them has improved. President talked about the Atonement in ZC and I think it slapped them in the face pretty hard because after they completely changed. He almost always talks about faith and the Atonement. And it always helps. Always. It is so powerful. 

So the branch wants me to teach English. I really don't enjoy it too much, but we will see if we find more people from it. 

Saturday we had a really neat activity. Our zone ranges from 1-3 hours from the temple. But the zone leaders worked with the district president and convinced them to rent a bus to take investigators to the temple. President Fortuna showed up and talked about temples and then opened it up to questions. It was crazy. It went from answering questions to inviting everyone individually to be baptized. It was a positive experience for everyone and they provided lunch, too. 

It was a bit stressful, but our zone went from 13 to 30 baptism dates in 2 days as a zone. It was super good. 

President had challenged us as a zone after zone conference to put 30 baptism dates. It was about 4 for companionship. On sunday we only had one and we were starting to stress a bit. We said a prayer with a lot of faith and then left the house. I saw a family in the distance and I made my companion run with me. This is normal. We have made a goal to contact every family we pass, but this family was pretty far away. We ran for about 2 minutes and then stalked them. Eventually we caught up and invited ourselves to their house. The usual. We were able to put a baptismal date! The Spirit was so strong. 

Then later in the night we put another one. God answers prayers, but it requires faith. and faith requires action. Action means stalking sometimes. 

Well, I love you all dearly! 

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