Saturday, August 16, 2014

And the work goes on. . . .but with a different hair color

Hello Dear Family,

 I am super sad to hear about Curtis. I can't imagine how hard that is for their family. They will be in my prayers. It is hard when it is so sudden. I still can't believe it. I love the Brazeltons.

This week has been pretty calm. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary happened until Thursday. We had intercambios with the girls that live in our house. It was good. I was with a sister that is going home this change. She talked a ton. Her companion never stops talking, so she had time to unload. I have never heard her talk so much. 

Friday we had intercambios with the sisters from C. I was so incredibly happy.(Where she started her mission) I was able to see the fruits of my labors that I didn't get to see before. I almost cried from pure gratitude.

Our first visit was to a less active family that I had found a week before I left. They had baptized some of the kids and are now a strong family. 

The next lesson was a family I had found. She was not very receptive in the beginning, but with the diligence of the sisters and their love and the Spirit, she accepted a baptism date and accepted the challenge to get married. I seriously almost cried. The Church is so true. It is beautiful to see how the gospel has changed her life. 

I also saw my first convert. She hasn't been going to church, but now the sisters are going to visit her. I was so happy to see her. 

Everyone in C recognized me. Why? Because I preached to every single one. And I have changed my hair color and they still recognized me. I was so happy. 

Well, my time ran out because I read some of my emails, but don't worry, I will make up for it next time. And my letter to Pdte. was preeeetttttyyyyy long. Pray for me because we are teaching in Zone conference this week. 

Love you all! 

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