Saturday, August 16, 2014

Same Area, New Companion . . . and fun at the President's House

Hello dear family! This week has been pretty routine. We didn't have any divisions, so it was really calm. We'll see how long this letter will be. 

Tuesday my companion found out that she was going to leave the area. Oh, she trained in the beginning of her mission, but she wanted to train a gain. Just to make that clear. 

We spent the day packing, running around like crazy saying goodbye to everyone. They all gave us soda and chips. And one gave us soda and cake. I felt so sick at the end of the day. Luckily the lights went out for all of the town, so we had to go inside the house and once we were inside no one gave us more chips and soda. I hate soda. 

Wednesday we went to changes. I am always so nervous. My companion is no longer a SLT, but she opened a new area. Pdte. released 4 SLTs. My companion is new. Her name is Hna. Rojas. She is so great! She came in the same group as my "daughter". She has been here for 10 months. She is so powerful and has a desire to work with the members so I am SUPER grateful for her. We are quite unified so far. 

T is divided into 2 areas. There is T and J. I am in J. Hna. Rojas started her mission in T and has now returned to T, but to be in the other side. She is super happy and it helps us because we aren't lost as often. Hallelujah! 

Thursday we had an awesome planning session. We also visited N, who was just baptized and when we got there her husband showed up and listened to us!!! YAY!!!! And he committed to continue to listen. Prayers are answered. 

Friday we had a specialized meeting for SLT in president's house. It was super good. We focused a lot on the doctrine of Christ and our purpose as missionaries. We decided what would be the temas for the zone conferences and who would teach them. It was a super uplifting meeting. And during the whole thing president kept asking how he can improve and how the mission can improve. He was super humble and it was great. 

They gave us soup for lunch. It had a lot of meat in it, so I wasn't disappointed. It was actually super good. 

Saturday we had a Branch BBQ. It was successful. Except they didn't bring the raw meat until about 3 hours after it started. A lot of angry, hungry people. 

So the zones that we are in have their zone conferences first. That means that we have less time than anyone to prepare. Next Tuesday and Wednesday we start. AHh! we are teaching the doctrine of Christ and our authority as missionaries. We are going to basically do charades for the practice. we are going to give them Book of Mormon stories of missionaries and have them make a similar situation in their lives and they have to challenge someone to baptism. We have more details, but President and Hna. Fortuna don't want us to be boring. Then when we re-practice, it will be a lot more like real life. We are pretty excited about it. 

Oh, my debit card that has dad's name on it expired. If someone could express me my new card, that would be WONDERFUl. I don't know any of the details, but if you guys could assign someone to figure it out, that would be splendid. 

Love you lots! 

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