Monday, May 5, 2014

Guess Where I Am Now???

Dear Family,

Okay, here is the big news, I am in SABANA GRANDE. Big sheet. Who comes up with these names???

My compnaion is Hna. Franco form Guatemala. We both would like some tacos from Mexico. She is pretty great. She is coming out of her training and her trainer didn't mention ANYTHING about obedience, so it is going to test me like crazy. I want her to love me, but I am not willing to give up being obedient for that. I am praying a lot to know how to handle the situation in the best way. 

We are in a branch here, I am so happy. 45 people came Sunday. Here is the best part. The president, 19 years old. RS Pres, 21 years old. Mission ldr, 18. His asistant, 17. YW Leader 22. The best best part, they are all turning in their mission papers. They only need the interviews. Almost all of the leadership will be gone in a few months. 

We definitely have our work cut out. Leadership. Families. Priesthood.

This area is HUGE!!! It is a tiny town with a ton of aldeas (small villages). We hike mountains all day long. SUPER THIGHS!!! 

I am in the same stake I was in before so I am super excited because I will get to see the people from Roble Oeste. And, Hno Mejia, the one that reminds me of an Italian mob boss, is the sister leader trainer in charge of this rama. And my comp form the mtc is in the sister town, so i get to see her all of the time. YAY!!!! 

There is no food in the house. Nothing. And the little that there is is terribly unheathly, but we are going to Teguc. today to buy stuff. We also almost never have water. We have to haul it and carry it up to our apt on the second story. 

Whenever we ask people if there is anything that we can do for them, they make us haul water. My traps are so sore. I have developed a testimony of the necessity of water. I am fine without electricity, but I need water. 

I shower out of a bucket. IT is soooooooooooooooo cold. But, it is character building. The houses here are nicer than my first area, but our apt is way worse. 

The apt was beyond dirty when I got there. Ewww. I didn't know sisters could be so disgusting. 

But I already love the people here so much. It makes serving here so much easier. We did divisions yesterday. My comp found a family and I found 2 drunk men who asked if it was okay if they came to Church if they only went because they thought I was pretty. Luckily one of them doesnt live in this area and the other one lives far away. My testimony of the word of wisdom continues to grow. 

We have one good investigator. Named Elvin. He thinks that is his name. That is always nice. 

I ate fish this week. Still had its head on--with big, sharp teeth. And skin. It was pretty great. Apparently my standards are changing like crazy. 

Love you all! Talk to you soon! 

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