Monday, April 28, 2014

Where will she go next?

Dear Family,

This week was good.
My companion finally came out of denial that she was going to be in this area for a long time and started to work. I was so happy. Missionary work is so much easier when we are team. It is hard to drag. Super hard. This week, she even walked faster.  Sometimes I even made her run. But she wants to lose weight, so she was grateful. I like doing missionary work with urgency. But we really do get along well.
We found 12 new people this week and 3 new families. That is more than we have found in our 6 weeks together. It felt good. I love findng and teaching familes.
I am writing a bit late because we spent the morning translating for La Brigada Medical. Translate that one.:-)It is a group of doctors that help the people here get the care they need to turn in their mission papers. They travel through central america. A lot of dentist and oral surgeons. 

 It was super fun. Granted, Gospel vocabulary is a lot different then dentist vocabulary. Way different. But I learned a lot of new words.
For some reason I have not had the need to learn the word swallow. They wanted the patient to swallow and I had no idea. I basically told him, "you have liquid in your mouth. You need to get that liquid to go down. Win moment. Then I asked another elder how to say it. I also know how to say filling, wisdom teeth, crown, and who knows what. Maybe I will do it for a living.
Everyone was super impressed that we were missionaries. They said that Honduras looked so scary. But they have no idea what it is really like. It is super chill. Thats not completely true, but we are protected a ton.
The best part was that I saw one of my recent converts there starting his medical stuff for his papers. He will have to wait until Feb, but at least it shows he is working to go on a mission. Yay! 

I got to see my last Hna. Clark last night. (former companion) It was so nice to see her. I miss her a ton.
We are teaching a girl named Jamie. She is so great and she speaks English. One of the ex missionaries (sister) brought her to church. Member missionary work is so much easier and faster. She will be baptized this month. She doesn´t know yet, but I do. Too bad I won´t be here to see it.
I am nervous for transfers. I have barely told anyone here that I am leaving because I don´t want them to give me more food. Latins show their love through food.
I realized today that my social skills have improved a ton. But there is a catch. Only in Spanish. I had thought that they would improve in both languages, but I was wrong. I have no idea what to say to white people. But with the Latins I can talk for DAAAAYYYYYYSSSSSS. They are so interesting. I really love the people.
Basically I am just super nervous for transfers. Super. I feel like there is a challenge coming. The last time I felt a lot of peace. This time I feel the peace before the storm. Pray for me.
Love you lots! 

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