Monday, April 21, 2014

Surviving Semana Santa

Hello family. This week was Semana Santa.
We passed it well. We volunteered to do service for a lot of the people in our ward and a few investigators.(everyone leaves town so it is hard to teach) I seriously love serving. We didn´t have a lot of lessons, but the ones we did we taught a lot about Christ and the Atonement. I am so grateful to be serving in this season.
It was a bit hard because you have to have a lot of self sustaining motivation. Luckily my cup of motivation never runs dry.
My companion found out last night that she is going to train. That means I am leaving Roble Oeste and my 2 washing machines and my 2 dryers and everything that is good. I hope I go to a little town that doesn't have water or energy. Give me an adventure!
I officially passed the deadest parts of the year in the deadest area. Christmas and the Semana Santa. But when the people are here in this area, I love it.
We had intercambios this week. It was good to get out of my area and breathe. I feel a lot of stress there because I do all of the scheduling.
Kat, I met your old ZL from Guate. Elder... umm... he has  a lazy eye and is from Honduras. Carlos is his first name. Anyway, he was nice and told me a million times how great you are. I agreed.
We had baptism interviews this week for  Lourdes, Anthony y Dayana. They were a reference from the STake President. It is a mom and her two kids. They are so great. The mom can't read.
They showed their conversion this week. There weren't any buses or taxis from their town, so they walked 2 and a half hours to get there. Dedication. When I found out I went and bought them some  food and water and juice and then we paid for a taxi for them to go home. The poor thing carried her 2 year old the whole way. I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. so bad.
They were baptized Sunday at 7am. It was way early. I want a nap. It went super well. And they won´t fall away because they are friends of the Stake President. Halla.
We served the Temple President and his wife. It was really weird, but I loved it. We were in their living quarters. I felt so priveleged. We swept their porch and ironed their clothes. Then she fed us a super good dinner. Their view is the temple. I took photos, but my memory card has a bit of a virus. Whoops. I can´t send pictures.
We had an activity for all of the recent converts and investigator families. It was great. There was a chorus and we watched a few videos about Christ and the Atonement and recent converts shared their testimonies. It was super powerful to hear their testimonies.
Well, I think that is about it.
Have a great week! Love you all! 

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