Saturday, May 17, 2014

Angels round about them . . .

Dear Family,
Mom, I looked in PMG and on pg. 222 in Spanish it talks about the registro de ensenanza in the first paragraph under the box. 

It was so so great to talk to Mom and Dad! AND to see the neighbors for a few seconds (Purtymuns and Sheffields). Going on a mission sure can make a person grateful for their family!! 

So the other day we went on a trek to teach a lesson. It was a 3 hour trip. We went with a member. It was ridiculous. But we found a lot of people to teach in that area. And they are pretty positive. One of them was a pastor. I have always wanted to teach a pastor and baptize him. But it took longer than we thought and we had to return home in the nighttime. I hate returning in the nighttime because it is a lot more dangerous and the road is solo and basically it is just a bad idea. But we had to go home, so we had to do it. 

Anyway, we started going home and a truck passed us. It slowed down and told us that we should pick up a few rocks to protect ourselves because there were a few men smoking in our path. We got a little nervous. The truck continued, but then stopped and went in reverse. A man got out of the truck and walked with us to protect us. They got us to the main road and past the smoking men. 

Basically it was an answer to a prayer. We were dumb to be in that situation, but we were grateful to be protected. 

We challenged a man to be baptized and he was super excited to say yes. He is one of the chosen that has been waiting. His name is Javier and we are going to start teaching his wife soon. She is super nice, but super busy. We just need to marry them first. It bugs me that no one is ever married. But I am excited for their wedding! They don't know about it yet...:-)

We only get water twice a week. It is rough. But I feel like I will be a good camper after the mission. 

Saturday we celebrated El Dia de la Madre with another branch. It was super funny. We went to Pollolandia and ate there. Its more ghetto than Burger king. It made me laugh thinking what would happen if a ward in the states did the same thing. I am sure there would be a lot of complaining. But here they were so incredibly grateful. 

There were only supposed to be 15 people. They called a 15 seater bus for us. Instead of 15 people, we had 26. And by some miracle we all fit. My compnaion and I opted to take a real public bus home. 

I also got a package from Kristen!!! It was so great! i had to defend it from the elders, but my scowl scared them off. IT always works. I did share with my companion.  

Love you all. Can't wait to Skype again for Christmas... 

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