Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 4 In the MTC

This week has been a treat...
Let´s just say, Heavenly Father knows me really well and knows what I need to learn. He is great. This week I have decided to try to be more like Christ and develop humility. Apparently Heavenly Father wanted to give me opportunities to practice and develop humility. That is the premise to Smackdown Saturday. So, Saturday was the first time we got feedback from our teachers. They have a policy of just letting us learn here and letting us judge ourselves. I am still trying to embrace it. But, what I got out of Saturday was that I have no idea how to teach and the only thing I do well is smile. Quite humbling. But at least I do one thing right, si? I have never poured out my heart so fully in prayer before Saturday night. If anyone has any tips on teaching, feel free to send them to me. But seriously. I need help. Anyway, Sunday was a day of answered prayers. I love this gospel. We watched a devotional by Elder Holland in the mornign and it was rejuvenating. Later we watched the World Wide Broadcast and I was singing praises for 30 minutes after. And it was only 30 minutes because it ended at 10 and I had to go to sleep. I just felt like breaking out of the MTC and hugging everyone insight and teaching them the gospel. I only see a few flaws in that plan...
Going along with humility, my new mission theme scripture: Alma 26:12. Read it. Love it. Live it. So so good!
This scripture is completely unrelated to everything, but we found a Harry Potter reference. D & C 38:28. Feel free to laugh.
We had 2 more English fasts. I am getting pretty good at them. Silence is golden. Enough said. Just kidding, I try my hardest to speak with the natvies.We were complaining to our teacher that our time during deportes was hard because we only know gospel phrases, and not phrases relating to deportes. How do you trash talk is Spanish? Not like we trash talk, but we still wanted to know how to speak during deportes. Therefore, my cute little teacher taught us some phrases. For example: "vayase mi casa" or "Soy una pared" (When I am blocking in volleyball) or "Bienvenidos a mi casa". It was a good time. He stood on the side fo teh court and kept telling me more and more. I think he had fun watching me butcher all of the Spanish language.
So there is a joint that blasts music right next to the CCM. usually it is during our deportes time, but one time last week they were blasting a catchy American song while we were studying. I love my district. We started belting "Called to Serve". Our volume rivaled the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Seriously. So powerful. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such great examples.
That is basically all that has happened. Quick recap: I was humbled and my prayers were answered. Yep. That is all. Love you all!

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