Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 3 in Honduras

Dear Family,

This last week was really good! I am honest when I say I am loving the mission. The days last an eternity, but it is great! I have learned the importance of finding joy in every second. Which is easy! 

I am getting used to the schedule. I wish personal study was 10 years longer, but that is okay. We are supposed to study PMG for 30 min and the BoM for 30 min. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! Weekly planning is excruciating. Way long. But it is inspired, so we do it with snacks. 

I have had the opportunity to develop new talents here. I sing all the time. The first week my companion lost her voice, so not only did I have to talk a lot, but I sang a lot of solos. I am also directing the hymns in Sacrament meeting. Then I go to Primary where I teach lessons and conduct music for them. I have decided I don´t want to be an elementary school teacher. Oh children...

I love the people. I loved them from the beginning. There is a less active woman named Dania and my heart yearns for her to go to Church. She has such a hard life. We are getting to be really close. One day she is going to return. There is also the most devoted old man named Carlos. I love him. He arrives to Church an hour before and is always ready to bless the sacrament. He cant read, which is normal here, so we got him the Book of Mormon discs and I have never seen a more grateful person. Soon we are going to baptize evryone in his household because there is no way they can´t hear the discs because he is practically deaf. The people here have nothing, but are always willing to give. Such great examples. 

There was a fair in town this last week to celebrate a Saint. So loud. So many people. Kind of killed our nights. Basically the technology here is similar to the 2000s. Or late 1990s. 

I am going to hate futbol. For some reason people want to watch it instead of learn about God´s love for them. Es triste. THis last week Honduras played the US and the US won. THat was really fun as a companionship of 2 American girls. Needless to say, we didn´t have a lot of success that night. 

I have learned life is a lot happier when the house is clean. Last PDay I cleaned like crazy. THe house has never been deep cleaned and elders lived there before us. Disgusting. But there is hope. 

Fun fact: people here point with their lips. I love it. I am going to learn. It is hilarious. 

Mom: thanks for all of the letters! I loved that you also send Grandpas. I love knowing what is going on without me! Keep sending them! I don´t know how many people are in our zone. But there are 6 sisters. We cook all of our meals which means we eat a lot of oatmeal. The members arent financially able to give us food most of the time. They don´t even have enough for their families. 


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