Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 5--Only One More to Go!!

Buenos Dias! It seems like forever since the last time I have written! But it has been such a great week! It is crazy to think that I go to the field next week! I am not sure how much time, if any I will have to write next week, so brace yourself for that. I am way excited to leave, but nervous enough that I will savor every last second here. There is so much learning to be had! This week has been better than last week.
Spiritual Stuff
We had the most powerful experience. On Saturday we had a different teacher, Hna. Melgar, and she told us we were going to do something a little different. She pulls out a list. It included: 1. Tell someone we liked their shoes 2. Ask someone, Le Gusta chocolate? 3. Share our testimony 4. Ask someone to share their favorite scripture 5. Sing a hymn.

She then told us that we were going to go over to the temple and talk to all of the people there and we had 30 minutes to do all of the things on the list and testify of the Restored Gospel. I love real people! It made me so excited to go out into the field. And they understood some of my Spanish! Actually most of it! I told one lady that her baby was a monkey, but I was able to recover and tell her that I meant that he was cute. She then started nursing in front of me, so I guess we are even. It was such a good experience!
In other news, I read Isaiah 53 so much this last week. If you haven{t read it lately, read it now. So good. I love it! I read it first just to read it and learn and then I reread it thinking of my role as a missionary. I love the Gospel and I am so grateful for the Atonement.
Favorite scripture this week D&C 50:41-43... i think....
Life in the CCM
I love my district! They are so great! They are obedient and just want to be better missionaries, but at the same time they are hilarious. This last Sunday we had a meeting and we all felt the Spírit so strong! At one point it was so strong that we just sat there and enjoyed it in silence for 15 minutes. So powerful. Only 4 out of the 14 are going to my mission, including me, so I am way sad about that. But I met the Hispanic sisters that will be going with us and they are great!
Last Monday was June 24, so we celebrated half Christmas eve. It was great! We sang Christmas songs leading up to it and then that night 2 elders surprised us with presents and a Christmas tree made out of waterbottles and water cups. It was interesting, but very sweet! They had a specific present for each of us. They had to scavenge around the CCM, so I got a Liahona with a picture of the Mesa temple and I love it probably more than most gifts I have received. It was so great!
On Tuesday we had an excursion to the market! I loved it! So so fun! I bought a native shirt so I will blend in a little better. While we were out we made up a CCM version to the begining song in tangled. I will have to send you the words sometime. It was hilarious. Pure inspiration.
It is crazy to think that I have only been here just over a month. I don{t remember what real life is like. Did I ever sleep in past 6:30? I don{t remember... But I have made so many close friends. Unfortunately, the 2 I am closest too are all going to different missions. But we can support each other from afar.
So I had to teach the law of chastity this week. I was pretty confident to begin with, and then they started listing off things we would have to say. Oh man, I have never been so uncomfortable. Lets just take a moment to remember that I am a 19 year old girl with no life experience. Now appreciate how uncomfortable I have been. Thank goodess for the help of the Spirit. And thank goodness that our investigator didnt have any problems. Bless him.
I love my teachers here. They are the best. Hno. Sian is the most humble man I have ever met. He has been a member for 5 years and I think he is perfect. So powerful.
Fun facts:
I am learning how to juggle in my spare time before bed. We had to get a little creative, so I have been practicing with soap packets. I am going to progress in a myriad of ways by the end of my mission.
I cut Hna. McGills hair! That might be my proudest accomplishment! And it looks good!
My branch president, Presidente Diaz remembers Grandpa and Grandma Smith from when they served here. He has a great respect for them and always points me out as their granddaughter to other people.
Love you all!
Oh! I forgot! We listened to a devotional form Elder Nelson and he mentioned that as a missionary we have the right to pray for our ancestors and the ancestors of those we will run into to help us. We can even ask for angels to help us that possess a certain character trait. That was powerful! I had never thought about that !
Um, still love you! Bye !

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