Monday, July 22, 2013

First letter from Honduras

So I didn´t want to waste time writing about me, I just want to hear about all of you, but I guess I should include a few details. Gracias for all of the prayers and support. Love you all! 

I am in a little town called C.  My town is safe, but apparently the state is one of the most dangerous parts of Honduras. Thats fun. It is beautiful! I love it here. The town is quite humble. It is a special day if we teach someone who has electricity or a couch. I spent a day teaching in Teguc this last week and everybody had chairs. It was so weird. And there are paved roads. Personally, I prefer dirt :)

I live above the health center for the town. It is quite quaint. I know we are not supposed to have pets, but I have a couple hundred insect friends that really enjoy our living quarters.  I spent all of my time during meals the first week cleaning.  But I love my companion! Her name is Hna. C. Sound American? It is. Basically I am just having faith that I will learn Spanish one day. Basically noboday can understand a single thing we say. But the Church is true, so eventually we will be successful. The showers are freezing, but all I do is sweat, so it isn´t too bad. It is the rainy season here in Hon. which basically means the weather is bipolar. And if you try to seek refuge under a roof, you aren´t necessarily guaranteed to be dry. Every roof leaks. Even ours. A lot. We also handwash our clothes. I am making up for experiences I didn´t have because I wasn´t a pioneer. But I love it! 

Back to my companion. She is from Idaho and she was in the CCM the same time as Kat. She remembers playing basketball with Kat. I have a picture of Kat in my scriptures that she sent me and basically I show it to everyone. "Oh, you like to eat platanos? Want to see a picture of my sister?" Por favor, someone send me a picture of our family. And pictures of your family. I want pictures I can hold and put on the wall. I need a bit of home in mi vida. 

We had a meeting in Tegucigalpa this week. It was so great. It was with all of the new missionaries and their trainers to see how things were going. It was strengthening. It was like seeing family again. And then Pres showed us a clip comparing missions to the Atonement. Like the relationship. SO POWERFUL!! Everyone should watch it. Every day. Then they gave us real food! I basically didn´t eat the first week, so it was good to have a meal with veggies and meat. Don´t worry, I am eating now. I am actually eating quite a bit now. 

After the meeting we had intercambios with the sister leader trainers. I was with Hna. VAsquez and she is a ray of sunshine. It was so motivating and I learned to much. She was also very nurturing. It probably changed my mission. The next day we returned to our area. 

There is currently a fair here. It happens every year. It is quite humble, but it is funny to see the excitement of the people. There was even a parade. It consisted of 9 men crunched in the bed of a truck playing in their band and about 8 men riding horses behind them. Chistoso. 

The branch here has around 40 people that attend regularly. The branch president always looks tired. Officially I think there are around 330 people in the branch. We have a lot of work to do. But the people are really receptive here. Everyone is willing to let 2 white girls from the states come into their home and teach them. It is way to easy to teach lessons to people. Too bad everyone is Catholic and doesn´t want to change religions. We ask them if they think the message is true and they say yes. Every Church is true. FALSE. We are working on convincing them. We also ran out of Book of Mormons, so it has been really difficult. "Want evidence? Read the Book of Mormon... oh wait, we don´t have one... here is a pamphlet." Its not quite the same. 

I love the people here. I love them so much. I want them to have the happiness that I have. 

I love you all, I will be more specific next week and send pictures. If someone is going to send me a package, can you include those little half socks that you wear with flats? They are a life saver. Well, time is up! Love you! 

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