Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC

So it might look a little like Michelle is in jail but . . . she is here with Kathryn's MTC companion. Sister W's zone got to go to the temple and so she sent some elders to find Michelle. So nice of her to take a picture and send it to Kathryn. Good to see Michelle is alive and well!

Especially since she has been sick. Here is her letter from this week--June 18, 2013.

It has been an...interesting week. Basically I died, but I am alive again, so that is a positive, right? I got a crazy fever on Monday night and it only went downhill from there. My whole district is getting it. Sore throat. Hacking up a lung. Headaches. Tired. Pure bliss. We have nicknamed ourselves "Districto Enfermo". My póor companion has just been dragging me around all week. But, it has allowed for some cool experiences. One night I was up all night sick and so I was kind of just sitting on my bed and found out that 2 of my roommates sleep talk. Thats fun. One started talking to me and the other went off screaming in rapid Spanish and then slept walked out of the room.  But, on a positive, I was able to get a priesthood blessing from my district leader and I think it was a good experiece for all of us. I met with the Doctor on Sunday and he gave me some miracle pills and I have been great ever since.
With the arrival of new missionaries we got a new classroom. It is a piece of heaven. It is a house next to the temple that they use for Family history. it is the cutest thing ever. We can have class outside all day and it is the most picturesque experience. Life is good. I convince our teachers to play "actividades" almost everyday. But they are helpful, and diverting, so I don't feel bad. Last pday we had an excursion to WalMart! Who knew I could be so excited to go to WalMart. It was a humbling experience. We realized how much Spanish we didn't know. My companion needed an alarm clock, so I got to show off my talent at charades and the guy knew pretty quickly what we needed. Fun fact: an alarm is called an "alarma". Quite the jump. No wonder we didn't think of it ourselves...
Because our class is next to the temple, we walk past the temple everyday. One day there was a woman who came there with her family and started asking us things in rapid Spanish. No one understood, so we just looked blankly and sincerely apologized. We then got the reprimanding of our lives! She screamed, "what are you doing in Guatemala if you don´t speak Spanish!?!?!" It was a fair question. We laughed pretty hard.
This week we did an "Ayuno de Ingles" where we didnt speak English for an entire 24 hours. Luckily I was sick and had no voice to talk anyway, so it wasnt that hard, but it was a great learning experiecne. We are doing 2 more this week. Last night, one of the instructors told my companion and I that if we understood everything he said in Spanish we could talk in English for the next week. He then went off in rapid fire spanish and my companion and I understood EVERYTHING and recited it back to him, but we didn't mention one tiny detail, so he pretended we failed. You could tell by the expression on his face that he was pleasently surprised. Take that! My companion and I kind of own. At everything. Just kidding. We work really hard and it shows :)
Fun facts: Sometimes I start humming and my comp harmonizes with me. Its fun. We´re Cute.
Sometimes I tell people in lessons that Christ paid for all of their fish instead of sins.
We asked our same investigator that we had already asked if he had a novio if he had an esposo. 2 for 2. (he was pretending to be 2 different people. He is our teacher)
That is all I have this week. It was kind of brief because I was sick and didn't have the opportunity to make so many memorable moments. But I am learning a lot here!


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