Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week One--Ahh the MTC Life!!

Buenos Dias!

You have no idea how excited I have been to write you this week! I miss you all so much, but I have never grown so much in one week in my entire life. But seriously. In so many different ways. 1. The food at the CCM is ridiculously good and I may need mom to send me new skirts. Just kidding. Maybe... 2. The Spirit here is so strong! I love it! I have definitely been able to recognize the hand of the Lord in my life.

I am so grateful for all of the different people here that I have come in contact with! Mi compañera is the best! Her name is Hna. Larsen and she is muy fuerte. She keeps me in line and we rock it. We are good for each other. She is the oldest of 7 so she is good at being bossy and I am the youngest so I am good at following her and bugging her to make her realize she doesnt miss her younger siblings as much as she thinks she does. There is a girl here name Hna. McGill that I absolutely love! She is going to a different mission, but she goes to BYU so hopefully we can reconnnect later. She has been such a strength because I miss everyone less knowing she is there. There is a sister here named Hna. Amone who is so so strong. She is 28 and from Australia and is going to serve as a nurse in the El Salvador Mission (Mom, you are jealous, aren't you?) But she has never even heard any Spanish and it is really hard, but she just keeps going! So strong! She is such an example to me! She, Hna. Mcgill and I throw down when we play basketball durning deportes. Unfortuanately we arent allowed to keep score, but we are comforted knowing that we know we won. Most likely we demolished every team... What else would you expect? There is also another sister from Bolivia named Hna. Sanchez that I practice my Spanish on every mealtime. Poor girl. She is beyond patient. But I also teach her a little English, so I don't feel as guilty.

The mission pres. and his wife are so great! I think their last name is Nicholayson. It was so so nice of them to let me Skype my parents for the setting apart! So many miracles this week!

I have a confession: I am in love. WITH PREACH MY GOSPEL!! It is the best thing that has ever happened to this world! I seriously love it so much! So so so inspired! Everytime I read it along with my scriptures, revelation just flows like the Mississippi River. But seriously. So good. Read it. Love it.

Kat totally has my back for the whole MTC thing! There are so many teachers who mention they knew her and how much they loved her. I have some of the same teachers as she did and becasue they knew her, they like me more. One is Hna. Garrido and another is Hna. Melgar (?) love them both! So helpful!

I love everyone in my district! They are so spiritual and fun! Hna. Amone told me, after I was sunburned (thanks Gma for the sunscreen, it has saved my life!) that I have great capillary refills. I now make it a point to let other people know that when I meet them. I don{t know how to say it in Spanish yet, but I am working on it.

Speaking of Spanish, the Gift of Tongues is real. It is crazy how much more I can say and understand when I am feeling the Spirit. Without the Spirit, I am useless. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good and I  may have been a tad prideful, then I was definitely humbled. Spanish has definitely been a challenge. I try hard to speak it whenever possible. I volunteered to say the prayer in my district and skipped saying "Dear Heavenly Father" and went straight to What I was grateful for. Mi compañera helped me. Super embarrassing. Then I did it again the next morning. 10 points for me! But now I remember. I bore my testimony in Spanish on Sunday and it may have been the scariest thing of my life. I sweated for a good 5 min afterwards.

One night we heard gunshots outside. My sweet companion was convinced it was fireworks. My time in Mexico led me to believe otherwise.

Life here is really great! I love it so much! I am so thankful for the opportunitly to be here and feel the Spirit todos los dias. And I am grateful for the advice from Dad to only think about one day at a time. I have broken it down even farther to just making it to the next meal. The food is soooo good.

I love you all! Pray for me and my Spanish!

Hna. Wagner

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