Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 2 in the MTC (or the CCM if you speak Spanish:-)

Querida Familia,
It has been quite the week. I couldn{t love this place more. 1. I am still in love with PMG and I think my district is getting sick of me quoting from it 24/7, but, hey, Imma be a "Preach My Gospel" missionrary, so back off. Just kidding. Kinda. 2. Church is like 12 hours here. Its weird. BUt great. I call it "Video Domingo". We watch so many movies. Last sunday we watched three and yesterday we watched 3. Woohoo. And I get to have RS twice. Life doestn{ get better than that! I am working hard to win the love of the Hna. Nicholaysen because she reminds me of Noni. And I just want everyone to love me. 4. Holy Ghost= best friend forever. I sooo did not appreciate his companisionship enough before the mish. And I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to recognize his companionship more in my life. It is great, because I rely on him SOOO much. Spanish is way easier when we are pals.
We get to go to the temple every Pday and I love it. I am still pretty new at it, but my pal, Hna. Amone helped me because she was an ordinance worker. We go again tomorrow. The area pres. and his wife, Pres. and Sis. Martino came and spoke on Tuesday and it was probably the greatest thing of my life. So rejuvenating. I am so happy every time I review my notes.
Teaching in Spanish is a treat. We teach all the time. Remember that one time I was bad at teaching in English, well it isn{t easier doing it in Espanol. We went to CRE, which is like the TRC in Provo, and we were supposed to be teaching a menos activos. That was funny. We get there and it is a tiny little lady who apparently forgot she was supposed to be acting, so she was a strong member, went to Churhc, read her scriptures everyday and when she left she headed straight for the temple. There went our lesson plan! I tried to steer it more towards, "Heavenly Father is proud of you and continue to preserverar hasta el fin" but that is hard to get my companion to read my mind. Fun fact: Remember that one time I thought I spoke spanish kinda well? The lady we taught in CRE made me realize I know nothing. I maybe understood 20%. She talked way fast and barely opened her mouth. We got in there and she started talking and my companion and I just looked at each other and started to pray REALLy hard. At one point I told her in Spanish that if she read 2 Ne. 31 she would feel the spirit confirm what it was saying. She looked at me and said "YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING" I have never been more confused. That is pretty general advice for anybody, despite their activity level. It was fun.
MUSIC= My companion loves music, and as a result, I have had way too many awkward situations with it. The lady from CRE mentioned that she loved to sing and after the prayer she wanted us to sing with her. Neither my comp or I brought our hymn book, so we hummed as she sang I Am a Child of God. I think we all chose different keys. I am never forgetting my hymnbook again. Then, My comp wanted to start off a lesson by singing a hymn with our investigator, but it turns out our investigator didn{t like to sing, so it was a duet, and then my comp randomly started harmonizing with me and so I had to carry the melody. It gets better. I couldn{t reach some of the notes, so at some points I just went silent. It was beautiful.
PEOPLE= I love everyone here. My faves= Hna. Amone, it was her birthday and I spread the word to EVERYONE. I love birthdays. I couldn{t help it. I gave her the cookies I got on the plane and Hna. Mcgill gave her nail polish. A birthday to remember. Hna. Sanchez and Hna. Peguero might be the most patient people I know. They help me with my spanish so much and I attempt to help them with English. They leave tomorrow and I am way sad. I can{t even express how much I love Hna. Mcgill. She is da bomb. I want to be like her. Luckily, we go to the same school, so we can reunite post mish.
Fun fact: we got a new teacher and he served in my mish. This knowledge=interrogation. HE is a little more strict than our other teachers and I lvoe it. If we are late, we have to contact. My companion and I are always first in the classroom.
I found an elder waiting for his visa to go to mom and dad{s mission. I asked if he was a good missionary, and he said yes, so you can hold him to it. Elder Tercero.
Tomorrow we get to go to Walmart. I have never been more excited to go. I get to go outside. I feel like Rapunzel from Tangled.
My companion and I have memorized over 100 words, 3 scriptures, the purpose, the first vision, and the baptismal invitation. Boom.
#Spanishproblems: I tried to speak Spanish more this week. I am not sure if the results are promising. Here are some of the many mistakes I made:
" Is your teacher delicious?"
"Is the Church close to your table?"
"The Book of Mormon has all of the questions"
To our male investigator: "Do you have a boyfriend?"
Then we made the mistake with the investigator of not knowing what "tal Vez" meant, so we were thinking he was accepting our committments, when in reality, he was just saying maybe.
Those are all the mistakes I can remember. And I call every girl a man and every man a girl. That is always fun.
Love you all!

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