Monday, September 22, 2014

It was the best of times . . . it was the worst of times . . .

Dear Family,

This week was... extremely short. Considering I wrote Wednesday, this might be short. I doubt it. It has been crazy. Just to give you the heads up, next week i might write on Tuesday because there is an activity for the sisters in the Capital. 

Okay. Wednesday we had exchanges with the sisters that live in our house. It was a successful day. In our zone we have a Companionship of the Week contest. For every new investigator it is 1 point. For everyone in church it is 2 points and for baptismal dates its 3 points. There has been one area that isn't part of our district that has dominated. Our district is determined to beat them. We are a bit prideful, but we have been doing it all with sincerity, so I feel like it isn't bad. The goal in the zone was to find 25 new people and 5 families. This zone is always at the bottom of everything in the stats, so it is a miracle if every companionship finds more than 10. 

But we worked hard in my area. We were running between every cita. But it was really good. 

Thursday our dl and our zl visited a family we have that is progressing. It is the A. R. family. They are so great. They are not married, so we talked a bit about that. This family amazes me every time we are with them. They are chosen. 

Friday we had intercambios with the sisters in Guaimaca. They are in training. Like almost always, I was with the new sister. I usually go with them because I understand their point of view better and my companion understands how to help the trainers better. When I trained it was a piece of cake. When I was trained I almost jumped off the balcony. But this sister surprised me. She was calm and composed. She is 28 from Mexico and isn't feeling stressed at all. I have never been with a sister like her. 

And she is super sweet. She will be a rockstar missionary. I think that if she went to byu she would be a theatre major. 

I got food poisoning, but I was able to rough it out. I held off pretty well until the nighttime. I don't know why I have had to get sick in the intercambios, but it is good because it helps me focus on working. 

She taught all of the lessons by herself. It made me laugh. But she did let me testify at the end, which was nice. We talked a lot about equality and unity. We also practiced A TON in companionship study before she went back to her area. We did at least 7 practices. It was really good. And then I helped her with English. 

Saturday we finished the exchanges and we got back to our area and ran from the bus to be able to visit as many people as we could. We did divisions and visited all of our investigators with baptismal dates and then in the night time we focused on finding because those are the most productive hours. It was a great day. And a sister missionary just returned from her mission, and is super ready to work with us. 

Sunday was an interesting day. It was beautiful, yet hard. We passed by the A. R. family and they had been up all night with food poisoning too. We told them that even if they made it late, it would be okay, but they were prettyy unsure. We left without much faith that they would go. 

We felt beyond blessed and extremely humbled when they showed up just after the sacrament. They decided to put God first. The husband has been unemployed for a while and they are expecting a baby. It has been stressful. After we left their house a man showed up saying that there was a job opportunity, but he had to go RIGHT then to get it. The husband said that first he would go to church and if God wanted him to have the job, he would get it. It is to drive a truck. He doesn't have a current license, but out of all the applicants who were there and had their licenses, he received the job. He was able to see how he needs to always put God first and he will be blessed. It was beautiful. 

All in all we had 7 investigators at church. This week has been so humbling. In all of my prayers at night I have focused on only thanking Heavenly father for the blessings. I don't ask for anything. It has helped my relationship with Him become so much more intimate. 

We had 28 lessons this week.  And we found 28 new investigators. And received 18 referrals. There have been so many miracles. And it is amazing because we had to travel for the intercambios. It has helped widen our vision and increase our faith. 

Yesterday after we did divisions with some sisters in the branch I reunited with my companion to find her talking to a sister that has been training. We have had communication with them every day. Yesterday we found out that they are going to have emergency changes. It is super sad. I was shaking when I heard. But I also know that I have tried to help them as much as I could. They will be having them today with the sisters that live in our house. Sister G is going to Campamento to finish the training of the sister and the Trainer is coming to our house. It will be good, as that she has been in the red zone of stress for these last few weeks. It will be good to have her close. 

Well, That is all. I have felt extremely blessed this week. And humbled. Pray that the A. R. family goes forward in their wedding plans and that we have enough money to pay for it and eat and have intercambios. woohoo. But it is so worth it. 


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