Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dengue Fever!

Okay family, sorry for not writing. Clearly it was not within my control. It kind of stinks, though. 

Monday we had a parade here in T for Independence day and nothing was open. Tuesday we were invited to the DL counsel/training. It was really good, but I missed writing you all. 

It was a crazy week. Turns out I had Dengue. Now I can check that one off the list. It is classified as Classic Dengue. I was super blessed. I received a blessing from my DL and with the help of the power on High, I didn't miss a single hour of work. I wanted to die in the nighttime and in the morning, but I was able to function enough to work. 

Tuesday we had the Mission Council with all of the SLT and the ZLs. My companion and I had to lead a discussion about how we can help the mission focus on Hombres older than 18 and families. It was really good. I wanted to die because I felt so sick, but I don't think anyone noticed while we were talking. During lunch I didn't want to eat, so Presidente realized that something was wrong. He and Hna. Fortuna talked to me and gave me advice. They have been really good. They have called to check on me many times. They are great. 

Tuesday I saw a package for me form Camille. I decided to leave it there during the mtg and get it after. When I passed by the next time it had disappeared. Pte sent the packages back to the office. It was sad, but I was able to get it yesterday. It was quite joyful. GOD BLESS AMERICA. We just do it so well. Thank you Camille for all of the thought and time you went through. It is appreciated! 

Thursday I sitll felt pretty week, but the fever had finally gone away. We found an incredible family. They will be baptized Oct 11 if everything goes well. They need to get married. We found another part member family that should be baptized that day, too. They also need to get married. Looks like my diet is starting. But It will be a great day. 

Friday I woke up with a full body rash. It was like hives. Apparently it is an after effect of Dengue. It was fun. We had intercambios that day with sisters that are STRUGGLING. They are in training and the trainer is super stressed. Super. She calls us everyday. EVERYDAY. I spent 45 minutes talking to them pday because they were both crying. Luckily they have the evaluation with President this week. That should help them a lot. 

Sunday they filled a food calendar for us. That has been a blessing. 

Monday they had a parade for about 7 hours in the main street. It was pretty boring, but fun to see the culture. Poor kids were suffering in the sun. 

Yesterday we had the mtg with the DLs. It was really good in that they talked about the relations between sisters and elders. We have been having a few problems with that lately. There is too much love and support going on. But now everyone is super clear. 

We are happy and working hard.
I am not sure if i will finish in this area or not, but I trust that the best option for me will work out. 

Weird. Three of the 4 sisters that are in our house finish at the same time. One of them is already ready. Honestly, I forget that the mission will finish. It doesn't seem real and doesn't even cross my mind. 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

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