Monday, January 13, 2014

Things are looking up!!

Well, this week was definitely better! It was wonderful! We found 15 new investigators and 5 families! That is a bit different from the 1 or 2 we have been finding. I am really grateful that people are now coming back from their trips. We had a district activity to help Hna. Clark and I find nuevos. We found 7 and 2 families in 2 hours. Thank you assistants. Actually Hna. Clarke and I found the 2 families, but the elders found 1 person who later turned into a family. It is so nice to see new faces. We still didn´t have anyone in church, but at least we saw some progress.
I divided our area. After a lot of time struggling with the sisters, I just took matters into my own hands. Thats what Wagners do. We are pushy. Kat told me so.:-) But it will make us a lot more efficient. I learned that principle when I read Jerry King´s biography. We need to focus on a small area and we will have a lot more success than working in a big area. The sisters took it well. I basically just did the division and then had them go over it, asked if they had questions and then sent a text to the assistant. He actually didn´t know that it wasn´t divided, so he was grateful.
WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! It was a smashing time. I understood SO MUCH MORE. I have been a bit confused on a lot of the things in the temple, but the new video and the increased maturity and my new level of Spanish sure helped. I loved it. I want to go everyday. My companion and I were the last ones to leave the temple. We just sat for a long time.
We also had intercambios. It was good. Sometimes I feel like a new person after and sometimes I feel the same. This one was mas or menos, but my companion had a great experience so I was glad for that.
We have a great night set up. We are doing divisions because we had too many visits. Powerhouse. And they are both in houses of members which is ideal. I am stoked. And I am pretty sure they are going to feed us, so that makes me happy.
We finally were able to teach a guy that has gone to church 3 times. He is the boyfriend of a less active person and we hope to marry them. That is the missionary dream.
We also began teaching a family that has been taught by the assistants a ton. Then they gave up. Pdte. Fortuna has visisted them and invited them over for dinner. But it was like a year ago. I feel like they are more ready now. The guy read the book of mormon in 2 weeks. But he didn´t like how Nephi  cut off Laban´s head. He said it was grotesque. I told him to read 3 nephi 11 because it was prettier.
Have a great week! 

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