Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At least my Spanish is getting better . . .

Hello dear family. This keyboard is the oldest thing that has happened to this world, so this is going to be rough. First, I GOT LETTERS!!! Thank you Kris, Mom, Grandpa, Sis. Trimble, and Brother Howard.  I enjoyed the Christmas Ward info.
WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE this week! I am so excited. But it means that I only get to write today and then the rest of our pday will be on Friday. I am super excited to go there! And I am in the same ward as all of the women missionaries who work in the temple, so I will feel like I have an in. They are such sweet women! One of them is 80 years old and she and her husband are serving their 5th mission. He was a brick layer and she was his assistant. How cute is that? They are ADORABLE! There are a few other couples that are super cute too! Ahh! I want to serve 5 missions. Or 6.
We spent the 31 super well. The 30th I learned how to make tamales. That is a joy. It was super intense! I am impressed that people make them! All of the Latinas were impressed by how fast I caught on. Thank you, it is my Mexican blood. But they were delightful. They gave us a ton and we gave them to the bishop and another family.
We spent New Years getting to know the members. People don´t leave their houses and the only people nice enough to let us in are the members, so we bombarded them asking for references and getting to know them. They love us now. It is funny because they all like to practice their English. Sometimes I want the urim and thummim to translate. It is rough but super funny and it makes them have more patience with our Spanish.
Yesterday I was sitting in church, without investigators again, and I realized that I underestood EVERYTHING!!! Almost every word and every verb tense. IT HAS HAPPENED. I AM FLUENT.:-) It was a great day. I still need to practice and study a ton, but I feel so much better !
We did have a menos activo return to Church. Unfortunately it made the other sisters mad because they had been visiting them for months, which I didn´t know, and then they suddenly started hiding form the sisters. Then we passed by, they let us in, we shared about the Doctrine of Christ and the couple committed to coming to Church. We were surprised when we called on Sunday and they were getting ready. It was so great, but now we are coordinating better with the sisters.
WE GOT PIE AND BROWNIES!!! There is this guy in our ward who went to cooking school and he and his wife invited us over on new years and gave us apple pie. I haven´t had that in quite sometime. And we also got a lot of references. And we aren´t allowed to go into their neighborhood without someone that we know inside, so basically they opened the door to a lot of potential investigators.
There is a SUPER rich family in our ward. He owns all of the security personnel companies in Honduras. Their house is massive. Anyway, they had a friend call them offereing a baby and they adopted it. CRAZY!!! Their youngest child is 17 years old. They are so cool. That child is going to have such a different life, with the gospel, than he could have had. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!!!
Basically no one in our zone is finding new people. We have 22 referrals, but the members don´t want to help us talk to them. It is quite the struggle, but it should be way easier now that people are returning from vacation.
Well, I love you all! Happy New Year!

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